September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Monday, September 05, 2011

"There and Back Again"

Brasil Manaus Temple

It was the best of times. Period. These past two years have really started to blur together for me into one giant ball of happiness and suffering and joy and stress and all around smiles. From being taken from my loving home and shipped to the Amazon Rainforest to the death and birth of loved ones, these two years have been some of the most event filled of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to be able to serve the Lord in this bit of heaven on earth. I truly feel that I have a greater understanding of the wonderful gospel plan that our loving Heavenly Father has for us. I´ve seen people in all different stages and problems throughout this plan, and many of them found that sweet joyful peace that comes after sincerely seeking the true Healer of all pains. I have come to love the stories and teachings of the men called of God who left their writings for us, and that were later translated into a book of scripture that is the keystone of our religion. I am thankful for the charity of others and for all the help of members and investigators and especially all of my wonderful companions throughout these two years. I feel like I have put off the little childish me and grown up a bit. I´m not completely there yet, but I think I got a little bit wiser here on the mission. It´s a funny thing seeing these things for the "last time." I hope one day I may be able to come back. I am truly going to miss Brasil and it´s wonderful culture. Portuguese was fun to learn, too. I pray I won´t get rusty.I know that this truly is the work of the Lord, he guides it personally and trains us through revelation, the Spirit, and inspired leaders with divine authority. I am truly grateful to have had President Jayme and President Klein here on the mission to help guide us along these two years. Meeting two apostles of the Lord is also an amazing experience that not many people get a chance to do. Thank you all for your love and prayers and support to me and my family and to everyone else included throughout these past two years. May the Lord bless you and to those who are going to the Brasil Manaus Mission: Enjoy the Heat. Job 30:30 {My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat}.
Love you all tons!

Elder Mitchell Hayden Tenney
Brazil Manaus Mission
Set Apart:  15 September 2011
Departed from Home:  16 September 2011
Returned & Released:  07 September 2011

Alma 29:13
"Yea, and that same God did establish his church among them; yea, and that same God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto this people, and hath given me much success, in the which my joy is full."