September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FiShiNG in ThE AMaZoN!!! 1st Transfer in Manaus!

HELLO FROM MANAUS!  (I´m soaking wet.)
We flew from São Paulo to Manaus in about 4 hours.  I took so many pictures the last few days. There are places I can upload them and you can see them instead of me mailing them which is highly unreliable.

I am currently serving in the Manaus Leste (East) zone.  It´s the poorer part of town. My 1st companion and trainer is Elder Gannon from West Jordan, Utah. I am his first trainee and this is his last transfer.

Mission Lore: The trainer is called our 'father'.  I was 'born' in the Manaus Leste Zone (My first zone).   My father (Elder Gannon) will 'die' in the Manaus Leste Zone (his last zone) because he goes home after this.  I am his first and only 'son'.  His trainer is my 'grandfather' and so on.  It´s just some fun phraseology for you.  And if I say that I will have a son in the future, it will be me being a trainer.

President Jayme is so awesome!  And Sister Jayme is so nice!

(Elder Gannon is, too!)

So. Today is my first p-day. It's about 2:30 here. This morning I fulfilled one of my dreams. We went fishing in the Amazon river. Yeah, it was cool. I took pictures (lots) and yeah.  So... I´ve stood in the Amazon river. The water was super hot.

This morning we fished for fish.  Tonight we will be fishers of men (which is a lot easier).

I´m soaking wet right now.

Ummm... I don't remember much of the last week.

CTM= Premortal Life

Mission Field= Mortal Life

Home=Celestial Kingdom

We knew each other in the CTM, we live/serve in the field, we 'die' and go home and see our friends from the field again.

Lots of fun stuff.

I have sunburns on the top of my feet from this morning and it kinda hurts to wear socks and shoes over it.  Arms, too, but thankfully no long sleeve shirt.

Muito quente aqui no manaus.

My apartment is similar to what the people I'm around live in.  It has a kitchen, a bathroom, and two other rooms.  Pretty nice.  I like the walls. They are painted green.

33 degrees celsius before I went to bed last night. Right now, I don´t know, but it's around 40 I think.
Manaus Brazil Temple Construction Site
17 November 2009

We went to the temple construction site yesterday. A picture is in the mission newsletter I got emailed that you can check.  (Editor's Note:  This must be at the Manaus temple construction site yesterday.  Elder Tenney is in the back row, 1st elder on the right!  Our first picture of him since he left home! Yea!  President Jayme is in the center front row. Click on photo for larger view).

That's all for now.

Love you all.