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The Journey from Beginning to End

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

11.03.2009 Email from the CTM

Oh how i love P-days! They are just so amazing! We went to the temple again this morning, and I think that makes our district one of the record holders for most trips to the temple at the CTM with 6 times. We may even go next week too! We have only had one p day when we didnt go and (not saying the temple is a bad thing) it has an extra 6 hours to do stuff and nap etc instead of going to the temple, but the temple is super fun!

So, Good News or Bad News first? Bad? ok. Well, we get new bedsheets and stuff every wednesday, and this last week we didnt get pillowcases on accident. So I used the blanket they provide for us as a pillow. This same blanket is the one that a few weeks ago when i was super sick i was coughing into a whole bunch. see where this is going? Yup, i got sick again. It´s always elder 10e. On saturday night I finally opened my advil because i had a killer headache. I took my temp too and i had a fever of 102.8 Fahrenheit. Yes, i kind of wanted to die. It´s not fun being sick in a foreign country. I´m better now, just a cough now and then. I should be back to 100% in a couple of days. Oh, by the way, I´m down to 2 advil pills left, so could you send that big bottle I was going to bring? I have a feeling that since i get sick every other week I might need that. :P

Good News: ... I forgot. I got so into the bad news I forgot what I was going to say... oh well..

Our departure is set for the 17 of Nov i think. the week of anyway. I have one p day left and leave (2 weeks from today?)

So, for lunch today we went to a Rodizio restaurant with our teacher Irmão Diniz. It was just like Made in Brazil in St. George, but 10X better! Guess what I ate: Chicken hearts! They are super good! Taste just like chicken!

Tell Brother & Sister Christensen thank you for their letter! I got it the other day. It really cheered me up.  Shout out to Brother & Sis. Christensen!  Thanks for writing to Elder Tenney!  Also thanks to the Ences for the same!  He loves getting those letters in his mailbox....and hearing from everyone at home....

In the box I sent there is no memory card. I haven´t used my camera enough to have it be worth sending yet. There really arent that many pictures. I think there is a place that I can upload them somewhere nearby. I´ll try next week If i have more time.

We haven´t got letters the past few days because they don´t run the postal service on Saturday and Sunday and Monday was a Holiday- Dia do Morte (Day of the Dead), so hopefully I might get something today!