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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding & Baptisms! & Pictures At Last!! 20 Jan 2010 Email

Dear People Who Gave Me Life,
Hi Mom! Hi Dad! :p
(Elder 10-e: 26 December 2009)

Uneventful week. Let's start from the beginning. Last P-Day, I forgot to tell you about my bus ride home from soccer. There was some guy from a different church who got up in the front and started preaching. He then went around telling us all how we could be saved. Then he took out some sort of perfume/oil (it was blue, I remember that, and it smelt funny) and wiped it on our hands, then he went and brushed everyone's hair with his hand saying "be blessed, be blessed."

A little awkward.

Then people gave him money.

Manaus Mission Conference @ The "Meeting of the Waters"
(where the Rio Negro & Solimoes of the Amazon meet)
(Wikipedia: Solimões (Sunnymeans) is the name often given to
early stretches of the Amazon River from the border of
 Brazil and Peru to its confluence with the Rio Negro.)
23 December 2009

Brazil Manaus Mission Conference on the Amazon River
23 December 2009
Elder Gannon & Elder Tenney on the Amazon - 23 Dec 2009
(One week before Elder Gannon completed his mission & returned home)
Anywho, we had an FHE with some people. It was fun. Then we had another. Fun, also. Then we had another. Can you see the pattern? They are fun to have, though. Ana Paula and Joseneire are getting married on Friday next week, and Ana Paula is getting baptized right after. We planned the wedding last night with some ward members.

Elder Gannon & Elder Tenney @ Marcel's Baptism
(Elder Tenney's First Baptism) - 28 November 2009
We have a golden investigator. Her name is Elcy, she is about 35 with a little 6-7 year old son. We have been teaching her and she is getting baptized on the 22nd... This Friday! Eu estou animado!! She is super accepting of the messages, has lots of good questions, and an open heart. It's super awesome.

Also, a man and his wife are set to be baptized on the 29th also after the wedding. Names: Fabio & Suelem. I hope Elder Gannon reads this. . .

Also, we may baptize Joseneire.  He may need a little more time, but he is thinking seriously about it.

I love those moments when you can just feel the Spirit vibrating all around the room. É bem legal.

(Flowers @ the Sao Paulo Temple - 27 October '09)  
Elder Tenney calls this one "Dirty/Clean" (23 Dec 09)
"The Meeting of the Waters" - the Amazon River
Well, that's the missionary work. Now,  for elder 10e.

Elder Tenney & CoCoNuT (Photo: 30 December 2009)
Yesterday I found a huge spider the size of my open hand in our house. I took some bug spray and sprayed it and it just started twitching like crazy. Then one of its legs fell off and it just curled up and fell from the ceiling to the floor. NinjaKitteh Strikes Again!

Elder Sales and Elder Tenney (Photo: 14 January 2010)
One of the lines for our water is broken I think, because we have no water pressure in our shower. Also, every time we flush the toilet bad smells come from the kitchen sink. What on earth is going on?
We are allowed to listen to motab- type stuff from 6:30 to 8 in the morning, and 9 to 10:30 at night. On pday we can also listen to disney-type stuff and soundtracks from movies and classical and all that stuff as long as it's not bad. I don't have any way to listen to music on cds here. If anything, take my i-pod and load as much music as possible and send, but I don't really need it...

But yes, we are allowed to listen to music.

I played soccer this morning at the church parking lot. Quasi ganhei. Fun stuff. Elder Seastrand has a memory card reader his parents sent him. I´m going to try to upload a picture to send. The internet is super slow here, so I´m only going to be able to upload one or two if I'm lucky, cuz I´m taking high quality pictures.

(Editor: As you can see, we got lots of great photos today!  Hurray!)



a igreja de JESUS CRISTO dos santos

("THumBs Up - All is Well, All is Well")
Photo: 18 November 2009

(Editor's Note:  For those readers who are not familiar with LDS jargon, "Mo-Tab" is an abbreviation for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & P-Day means "Preparation Day" which the missionaries have once a week to do laundry, grocery shop, and other errands as well as approved leisure activities. And "FHE" stands for "Family Home Evening" which members of the LDS church strive to have each Monday night where they spend time together enjoying gospel-centered discussions and activities.  This post is a combination of his big email of the week and a couple of our questions to him in separate emails).  Thanks for reading!