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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

06 January 2010 Email

I be good now. Ate food. Food good. (Editor's Note:  Elder 10e mentioned in a separate email today that he'd been living on ramen noodles and oatmeal the past few days as their money didn't get transferred into their account on the usual day this time - and I know he  never was a big oatmeal fan...he must have been to buy "good food" this morning:)  Grammar different 4 Portuguese. Hard remember Englesh. Hope you be good, too. Try I will to save money this transfer. Elder Seastrand, awesome is he. Spent 9 months in Maues he did. Interior that be. Jungle deep. No chapel there. Has a font though. No River Baptisms without permission special. He trained Elder Hubbard from my group. Pretty cool.

We are going to watch the movie Together Forever with Ana Paula and Joseneire tonight. President Jayme said there are only 3 reasons why people don`t get married.

1- They don’t have enough money. Easy obstacle. It's only R$88 here in the city of Manaus.

2- They don’t understand it is a commandment of God. Again, teaching, reading scriptures, praying, going to church will help overcome this.

3- The sad one. They don’t love each other. This one is a little more personal for people to think about and discuss. Very sad when it happens.

We have 12 new investigators from this last week. Pretty cool. We are trying to work closer to home now too instead of going out to Armando Mendes on the far side of our area.

I am making the Mission Journal forward to you and Dad. Its all in Portuguese, but you can copy and paste it into the Google Translator and read it. Make sure you put it from Portuguese to English! Enjoy.

We may have a few baptisms this transfer. Not too sure on it yet, but I will keep you posted.

I get really tired at nights now and I just fall right to sleep. Then I wake up ten minutes before the alarm goes off now. I get up, pray, go take a shower at whatever temp the water happens to be (only cold in mornings) (Water pressure is down now, have to shower with little bowls of water dumping on head and whatnot.) Fun stuff, eh?

I love the study time in the morning. I always find something new.

I ate Cow Intestines and stomach the other day. It was chewy. I’ve lost track of how many different kinds of fish I have eaten here.

Still hot.

(Editor:  And I don't think the temperature is going to change:)