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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week #21: Staying Put

Brazil Manaus Mission Symbol - 15 January 2010

29 January 2010
"Check it Out...No, seriously...check it out!"
(Caption by Elder Tenney - Photo 03 February 2010)
I am good. Transfers were yesterday. I stayed in Castanheira. Elder Seastrand stayed, too.   Next one in 6 weeks. 

Our baptisms fell through last week. They will be baptized on the 27 of February because that is their wedding anniversary. Cool beans. Got a haircut this morning. It's been raining like crazy for a few days. We plan on having 6 baptisms or more this transfer, 4 being men who are 25 or older, and also completing 2 families to be completely baptized. I'm stoked. I've been reading the Liahona from November in Portuguese and it's cool that I can actually understand them. More or less. It was kind of a slow week this last week because of the transfers and all, so that´s pretty much it. tchau tchau.

(Editor:  We got more pix from Elder Tenney this week.  Some are from awhile back but we wanted to share them along with the more current ones). 
Manaus Airport - 17 November 2009

"First Transfer" District - 20 December 2009

Elder Tenney @ Mission Conference on the Amazon
23 Dec. 2009
(Contemplation...First Christmas Away from Home)

The Amazing Amazon - 23 Dec. 2009
Sister Jayme - Mission president's wife @ Mission Conference - 23 Dec. 2009
Wedding of Ana Paula & Joseneire - 29 January 2010
Family of Joseneire & Ana Paula
Then...the Baptisms of Elcy & Ana Paula - 29 January 2010
Elder Seastrand & Elder Tenney (Elcy's is the first baptism Elder Tenney has performed!)
Brazilian Money - 22 January 2010

And More Brazilian Money - 22 January 2010

"Stuff" Elder Tenney Eats - 05 February 2010
"You really want me to eat THAT?!"
18 December 2009
"Churrasco" ...more stuff he eats :O - 27 December 2009