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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week #34: Mother's Day Call & Cow Calling in Brazil

Editor:  We had a wonderful 45-minute phone call on Mother's Day with Elder Tenney.  We had to call him at his bishop's house, and it took a few tries to understand the person answering on the other end.  Thanks to our son-in-law and his Spanish skills, and the fact that there was a Spanish-speaking Brazilian in the house and not just Portuguese when we called, we were able to finally understand that he & his companion were not there. Then...they walked in just as we were about to give up!  He sounds great - his sentence structure was funny sometimes as he is so used to speaking in Portuguese now.  For example, when they talk about how old someone is, they say, "he has 21 years" instead of "he is 21 years old".  Here is a picture of his study area in his new home in Acre. 

Elder Tenney's study area in Senador Guiomard
10 May 2010

He loves his new assignment in Acre and enjoys the country lifestyle there.  It is a long distance to get to some of the homes, and he walks in flooded streets a lot of the time and his feet and shoes stay soaked.  He said his diet is mostly "rice and beans" and fruit in season which right now is oranges and tangerines.  He said they are green, but ripe.  His ward has about 100 active members and the members are very nice and willing to help the missionaries and committed to keep lunch appointments to feed the missionaries.  Also, the area he is in was closed until he and Elder Fox just re-opened it this transfer.  They have a couple of baptisms scheduled. 

Elder Tenney - 05 May 2010 in Acre
Elder Fox - 05 May 2010
Elder Tenney's email this week was brief, but he did send pictures! 
Pretty Bird - 05 May 2010

Another pretty bird - 05 May 2010
He is excited that his friend Elder Poulton will soon be joining him in the Brazil Manaus mission.  Elder Poulton's visa has not arrived yet, so he will not be entering the MTC until the end of the month, and as of this post, has been re-assigned to the Provo MTC instead of the Sao Paulo CTM.  Visas are still hard to obtain for Brazil. 

Now, from Elder Tenney...12 May 2010 Email:

Dear Mom and family,
This p-day was really hard to get into the lan house.

Early morning bus ride to the farm on p-day
12 May 2010
12 May 2010: The farm
We went out to a farm way out of town to spend the day with a member family.
It was pretty relaxing.

Elder Tenney on the Farm - 12 May 2010
Elder Fox & Elder Tenney's P-Day on the Farm
12 May 2010

I also went cow calling and we explored the forest a bit.

Elder Tenney Calling Cows in Acre - 12 May 2010
{This photo} is of me trying out my cow calling skills. They all looked, kind of came, then changed their minds and left.
Elder Tenney:  "First Vision" aka "Exploring the Forest"
12 May 2012
Sorry it's so short this week. More pics and news to come next week.
Elder Mitchell Tenney
12 May 2010
I love you all! 
Elder Tenney