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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week #35: 8 Months & Trip to Rondonia

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Thanks for the pictures of Mr. Lister! He is still the same awesome Mr. Lister that I remember. PV will never be the same without him. If anyone sees him soon tell him I say hi and thank you for all the help through the years.
Does anyone know a Brother Larkin from St. George? There is a Preach My Gospel training video that we watch in all the zone conferences and at the CTM that is called “The District” and it has some missionaries that show how to use the different parts in the PMG and stuff. The mission president in the movie is a President Larkin that looks sooooooo familiar, but I just don’t know if he is from SG or not… any ideas?

Elder Tenney calls this "Getting a little on the heavy side"
Eight Months Out - 05.18.2010
So, this last Sunday, I officially hit 8 months (1/3) in the mission. Seriously, I think I say this every week, but it is just going by too fast. They say it goes by fast when you get lost in the work, but I feel I still have room to improve in the work area. We are still working on getting a larger teaching pool.

So, it got super super hot after the cold burst. I was all ready to just burn up, and then last night another cold front came in and it’s cold again. I love Brazil.

The biggest thing that happened over the last week:  I went to Porto Velho in Rondonia for a few days! Our Zone Conference was held with a General Authority, Elder Linhares (I think he is a seventy… I didn’t really catch if he is or not.) So we stayed a couple nights in Porto Velho.  We took a plane there and back.

Airport Rio Branco (05.13.2010)

"Take Off" (05.13.2010)
"High Up" (05.13.2010)
There was a problem with some of the plane tickets, and Elder Owens, my CTM comp, had to take a bus with our Zone Leader, Elder Sabino, for 7-8 hours to Porto Velho. Then, when we were going back, since Elder Sabino’s was cancelled, it cancelled the return trip too, so he had to go back by bus. There was another elder, Elder Palmer, who had trouble getting his ticket, because his passport had expired one day before while he was in Porto Velho, so he went on the bus, too. (He had actually worked it out and got the ticket, but then Elder Sabino had trouble and yeah...)

"Whoa!" - Seen at airport (05.15.2010)

"Why on Earth did the Chicken cross the Road?!" (05.15.2010)

"Things people try to bring on planes" (05.15.2010)

President Jayme does interviews with zone conferences out here in the other states, so he won’t be coming back to do them in two weeks, so there aren’t going to be any letters or anything coming into Acre for about 4 weeks when we have transfers. Joy…

The biggest problem we are having these days with our investigators is the Word of Wisdom. Everyone in Brazil drinks coffee. Everyone. Are you a Brazilian? Coffee Drinker. Any ideas? Cigarettes, too. They are super cheap here in Quinari. Even the poorest of people here can afford them somehow.

Well, all in all, just pray that coffee will somehow be taken off the face of the planet. That is my one desire of the week.

"Washing Machine - Brazilian-style"

We are hoping for a new washing machine this Christmas or sooner from the mission. It just spins. Gotta put water in, rinse out clothes and what-not. God bless America.

We are going to have Stake Conference this Sunday. Should be pretty good. The stake here is all of Acre. Pretty big area.

We had the opportunity to give a talk in Sacrament meeting last week. It was pretty good. They mixed up the speakers, so I was the last person to talk. I was only left 5 minutes, so I wasn’t too bothered about it. The microphone in that chapel is really weak, so you have to pretty much stick your mouth right on it to pick up anything. I think that is the one reason why I always shake and stuff when I give a talk in Sacrament. I am scared of microphones. I don’t like hearing my own voice. I’m just weird that way. Sooner or later I will get over it, I guess, because in this ward the missionaries speak once a month.

"Elder Tenney in his apartment on P-Day" (05.19.2010)
The Portuguese is coming along. I feel like I am a little behind others in my group, but they have all had more than one Brazilian companion I think. Oh, well, I’ll just keep studying. I really don’t get too worried about it until the little kids say, “What did you say? I didn’t understand any of that.”

But, all in all, we are doing pretty good. We walk a lot in this area. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Love you all tons!