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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Week #37: It's June Already!!!

Dear Fam,

"Lord of the Flies" (05.31.2010)

What an insane week!  It went by like a blur! I finally finished Alma in Portuguese and I am almost done with Helemãn.

So, Brasil has your basic ingredients, so can somebody send me some recipes for stuff like no bake cookies, bread, cake, pancakes and stuff like that?

"These Are Rare!" (05.27.2010)
So last Friday, we found ourselves with 3 appointments in a row falling after lunch, so we went and bought ice cream cones! We each ate one, then just sat there, and it was like, that was really good! So… we bought another one! That one was really good, too! So… We bought another one!

Elder Tenney, Boy in Acre, & Elder Fox

Boy and Goat in Acre
Elder Tenney & Little Piggy in Acre
Elder Tenney & Huge Turtle in Acre

We met this one 16 year old kid who is a Mason. He is pretty excited about the Book of Mormon and all the stuff, and said he was excited to read the entire book! When we went back the second time a few days later, he was like, “Whoa! You guys actually came back! I didn’t think you would. I never got around to reading that part you left.” So we came back the next day, and he wasn’t even there. We will try to go back later. He has some pretty good standards because of the Masonry stuff.

Elder Tenney & Friend Holding Baby Crocodile In Acre

Baby Crocodile in Acre (05.30.2010)
So yeah, basically that was it. We got a lot of references this week! Suddenly we are scheduling full days! More to come next week. We will see who makes the cut.
Elder Tenney's Sock - Workin' Hard...;)

Transfers already next week, too. . .

I almost forgot. In Rio Branco there has been a bus strike, so now all the buses are stopped and it is extremely difficult to get into Rio Branco these days. We got a taxi today. I think it will end soon, but we haven't been able to get to a district meeting in a couple of weeks now. We hope it will end before transfers.

Elder Tenney holding Baby Croc in Acre
Elder Tenney & Baby Croc....

Actually, the croc was dead. Don't tell mom. ;)

Dirty Beach in the Amazon