September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week #39: 06.16.2010: 9 Months!

Elder 10-e's intro:  "Warning: Details included this week not for the weak stomach"

So, let's just get down to business (To defeat the Huns) here. Today I make 9 months on the mission. YAY!

"Time flies on wings of lightning"....
(10 June 2010)
Elder 10-e: "There and back again. A hobbit's adventure...
Me in the CTM... me a few days ago. My what a change."
(September-November 2009 & 10 June 2010)
Elder 10-e: "A pic of me we took the other day.
 I got a form called the RM-107 that I have to fill out
and return with a recent photo. Just a quick snap, really." (10 June 2010)
Today in Acre (16 June 2010)

It is seriously going by so darn fast I just want to stay in this area forever. This is seriously the coolest area in the mission. Coolest as in coldest and most awesome for all of you who don’t speak the lingo.

P-Day..not at "Bob's Burgers"... (09 June 2010)

So, last week after going to email all y’all, we went to the new restaurant that just opened up in Rio Branco (Or so we thought):  Bob´s Burgers. What a wonderful Brazilian flair they put on that name. So we were walking all across Rio Branco…ok, it was only about 10 – 15 blocks away, but anyway, we were all walking and we finally got there and… it was still closed. What is this??? P-day hours are very precious to us, and we can’t waste them like that. So we went to the oriental restaurant next door, kind of. Ok, that was like 7.5 blocks back the way we came. I will send pictures.

Elders Fox, A. Oliveira, Smith & Tenney (09 June 2010)
Chinese Feast on P-Day (09 June 2010)
So after we got home, or, on the bus ride back that is, Elder Fox decides to get sick with a huge headache and fever and the whole 9 yards. Well, it wasn’t really his choice, but still. So I cleaned the house from top to bottom for a few hours then that was our day.

Elder 10-e: "World cup, Wold cup.
  It all sounds the same with a Portuguese accent."
(12 June 2010)

President Jayme has allowed the missionaries to watch USA and Brazil games. I think I already sent the criteria for being able to. Practically impossible. But we got our numbers in last week and they were spectacularly in the right area for qualification to the watching of the games. I hope we are understanding how he declared the rules, but still, the games are awesome. Brazil shuts down during the Brazil game, and barely anyone here in this area watches the other games. Elder Fox and I were cheering for North Korea for fun and it was super awesome when they made the goal. We got up and yelled GÔL!!! And they all looked at us like traitors. Pretty cool.

Elder 10-e: "A street. They painted most of the streets
and decorated EVERYTHING for the World Cup."
(16 June 2010)
Please send more Cortaid. (He doesn't mention the bites on his feet from last week...this request says it all, I guess).
Elder 10-e: "Tenney's Foot" (Translation from Portuguese??)
(13 June 2010)
Elder 10-e: "Us at Lidiane´s house, with less than half of the family there at the time..."
(14 June 2010)

So we have 2 recent converts Adriana and Lidiane (sisters) and their sister-in-law Rosangela doing a competition to see who can finish the Book of Mormon first. Whoever gets it wins a prize. A SurPrise. Why so? We don’t know what we are going to get yet. Maybe a small box of chocolate or something.
Bull Horn...aka Brazilian microphone?? ;)
(09 June 2010)

Every 2nd week in the Acre ward the missionaries have to give talks in Sacrament meeting, so I spoke on Patience this last Sunday. It was pretty cool. I have decided I have a phobia of microphones. I just absolutely cannot talk into microphones. I hate it. I don’t like hearing my voice going out and filling up a room. I only did men's choir because I wasn’t the only one singing. Yes, I admit it. I am terrified of microphones. I will get over it, though. Maybe.

Chocolate goodness Elder 10-e style.
(12 June 2010)

I MADE NO-BAKE COOKIES!!! THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!! I changed the recipe, and it turned out awesome. I couldn’t find most of the stuff, so I substituted ¼ cup of sugar with chocolate milk mix. It was good. Really good. So good, I made it again!!! And a 3rd time!!!

So, Lidiane’s mom, Enedina, smokes and drinks coffee. We bought the stuff called Cevada which tastes like coffee and smells like coffee but has none of the harmful stuff in it, and we took it to them. She thought we were joking when we said we were taking the coffee. She let it go. So we left with the coffee. We went back the next day and she was smoking twice as much as usual and ready to rip off our heads, but she likes us too much so she cooled down after 2 seconds.

Lauene, Gelcilene, Lavigne
Elder 10-e: "A family we are going to do a wedding for
 in July or August. It's a long story."
(14 June 2010)

This last Sunday we were looking for a house that a member had showed us a few weeks ago and we were walking up and down the roads at night looking for it. There was a fire burning on one of the roads and Elder Fox said, “It's not that road, I remember it being further down that way.” I said, "Where are we going?” Fox:  "Following the spirit.” So I started singing Hymn #2 – The Spirit of God like a fire is burning… (Yeah, I still remember the first verse in English, and yes, I sang it).  After checking the other roads we came back and went up the one with the fire and… We found the house. Lol

(Readers - Remember Elder 10-e's warning introduction....I apologize in advance - but this is so typically his personality, I had to include it.  I am still laughing at his descriptive imagery....;)

So, last tidbit of news for this week that I wrote down, we went out to a farm this week of Marcos e Vânia. They are members that live like Cedar City distance from town. It's nice to make visits. But today, of all days, is the first day I did something I thought I would go 2 years without doing. I finally threw up. And it wasn’t your everyday *bleugh*, it was shooting-everything-out-the-mouth-and-rice-shooting-out-the-nose-burning-in-the-throat-explosion-action. Thankfully I had felt it coming for like 10 minutes before so I was already well positioned outside the house just waiting for it to come.

Hopefully I get the Luv-in-a-Box next Monday if it was in Manaus. If not, I will have another chance the next week I think.

I hope you all like the details this week. As you can see, I lead an interesting life.

I am in 3rd Néfi 11. I will finish in a couple of weeks and then start Jesus the Christ in Português.

Beijo.  (Kiss)