September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halfway Mark at the CTM

Email from 13 Oct 2009: 
"Wow. This week went by super fast!  Mioto rapido!  Time is absolutely just flying!  My stay in the CTM is half over, and that means Sister Christofferson, (she's the wife to one of the Mission Presidency) is going to bake us COOKIES SOON!  She is an angel."

"Last Saturday I got my cough back again because I share a room with other elders who got it from me and are giving it back.  I think the worst of it is over now and soon it will all be gone.  The only problem is this time I seem to have developed something that is very similar in nature to Pink Eye in both of my eyes, and so I had to take my contacts out last night and I've been a little blind for awhile.  They are really starting to clear up though."

"We are already moving on to the 3rd lesson this week.  It's insane! It goes a little faster because we aren't starting completely over with the language.  It's just reorganizing the words in a different order.  The grammar is extremely similar to Spanish, so it kind of makes sense, but there are some things that are completely opposite English grammar." (Elder Tenney is learning Portuguese for those of you who are wondering.)
"We are starting to see some of the same meals during the day now, and we really miss food that isn't cafeteria food. I'm not complaining, though. It's really amazing far as cafeteria food goes...hahaha."
"Smile!"  -Elder Tenney

From an email to his sister on 13 Oct 09: 
"The grounds at the Sao Paulo temple are so beautiful!  There are red flowers everywhere, palm trees, a sweet fountain, and PARROTS!!! :D  Super awesome.  I like the money here.  It reminds me of Monopoly money, and all the bills have a different animal on the back that is native to Brazil.  My favorite is the 20, which has the "Lion Monkey" on it.  It's actually a little monkey that would only come up to my knee at most, but it has a lion mane on it. Fun Stuff!"

We are still hoping for a letter from Elder Tenney this week.  We have only had 2 so far.  It's a good thing he can email us once a week!  Keep writing to him and praying for him.  Thanks for reading!