September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10.27.09 Pday Email to Family

"Wow! Is October really over already? Elder Owens was just saying to me the other day that September is almost over! Time is absolutely flying!

We went to the temple again this morning. There are some really amazing red flowers all around the grounds. It really is a beautiful temple.

No class on Sunday. Just devotionals, church, a movie (testaments this next sunday in portuguese) about 3 hours of free time (nap) choir and a bunch of other stuff.

I just finished re-hemming my pants. There is just one pair that I´ve had to sew 2 buttons on, and the other day i saw a string coming out of the pant leg so i pulled on it and it kept coming so I stupidly kept pulling and before it all came out, i realized that I had pulled the hem out. So i did an extremely good job. With Green Thread. :P Don´t worry, its on the inside. I did extremely well.

Elder Scott´s talk was amazing! I wish I had my journal on me right now so I could give a run through of it, but I put some stuff in the letters so I guess you´ll just have to wait a week or so to get that.

They give us the run down for our trips to the field the day before we leave, so I don´t have an itinerary yet, but I do know we only spend 62 days in the CTM, which means I leave the Tuesday before Turkey day I think..

It. Is. Getting. Hot. The classroom gets up to about 28 Celsius sometimes and we just boil. We love when the air conditioning randomly works. We can get it down to about 18 Celsius if we leave the room for an hour or so and blast the AC.

I have hit 69 Kilos! That is 152 lbs. I came in at 61 kilos or 134 lbs. thats over 15 lbs!! I tried my jeans on today and they are a little tight. Thankfully my pants have a little bit of room left in them, as well as my white pants.

I really do miss Chinese Food Friday. I now have CTM Pizza Wednesdays, and I get the same effect eating the pizza here as dad does eating a butterfinger. Yummy, right?"

That's the majority of Elder Tenney's email for this week. Thanks for reading! Now, go write him a letter:)