September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Letter: 09.26.09 & Email 10.06.09

Elder Tenney writes on 09.26.09 that his district is very "goal crazy".  "We have so many goals that we can't remember all of them.  Most of them are made on random occurences, but they are pretty awesome."

"We figured out that from the schedule we are in our classroom about 50 hours a week.  Which means we are in this small room for about 3 weeks straight. I now know why everyone says you'll go crazy about week 6 or so.  We are already starting to feel the evil voodoo of it."

"My branch quite a character.  We just had a semi-fireside taught by him on the 9th chapter of Preach My Gospel, and it was fantastic!"

"Please send a great multitude of letters my way.  A plethora of letters would be very pleasant to a celestial degree!  If you have nothing to write about, Go Do Something! then write about it!"

09.28.09 PS.. Please write letters.  I'm starting to go crazy.  Not really, but still, a letter would be nice.  If you find some time during the day when you've got nothing to do or something...HAPPY CONFERENCE!  (Seriously, I'm in my 3rd week and only have 1 letter?? Thanks, Sam!)  Write!) :)

*Sounds like Elder Tenney would like to see some mail in his mailbox.  What do you think?
And from his 10.06.09 Email on P-Day: 

"Well, since last week, I feel that my skills in Portuguese have skyrocketed to huge proportions over the last week.  I managed to teach the entire first lesson without having to check notes.  We are just mopping up the details and ironing the commitments and little things and we could have this stuff down pat."

"It's weird to think that I'm already in my fourth week here!  Time is just zooming by!  Every week we have friends from our floor head out and we get new 'smurfies' every week.  During the first week, everyone gets a blue sticker on the front of their name thingy and therefore:  Smurfie."

"I feel so blessed to have gotten my Visa when I did!  The week I came, 60+ American missionaries came to the MTC. This week, there are 5 coming in total."

"Conference was SUPER AWESOME.  I took fabulous notes, drew some random pictures, and never fell asleep.  That is a first time for me to have seen all 5 sessions for conference!  I put most of my good notes into my journal, including all the songs that were sung and stuff.  It looks pretty cool."

"Today, I ate rice and beans.  Yesterday, I ate rice and beans.  Sunday:  Rice and Beans.  Saturday was different.  Beans and rice.  Thankfully the pineapple here is grown in heaven, and they seem to have 1001 ways to cook a chicken.  They still have a way to go with their cow products, but chicken is amazing.  DON'T EAT CORN AND BANANAS!"

"I'm still trying to get my mind around the fact that I'm in one of the most heavily populated cities on earth, and I'm stuck in this same building for the entire time.  We get to go proselyting in a few days, and again in 3-4 weeks when we know some more.  I can teach in Portuguese, but I don't think I can have an intelligent conversation."

"I really do enjoy getting snail mail.  The last one I got was yesterday with a comic in it and a letter from...  Thank you. :)

"I find one thing that is very lacking in Brazil is condiments.  I've only seen mayo once.  I really do miss it."

"Our district had a basketball game against another district this morning.  We got crushed.  If we kept score anyway."

"My clothes are starting to fall apart.  At least the buttons anyway.  I had to sew one on in between conference, and I'm going to do my suit coat next p-day maybe.  The button I sewed on will never come off again.  It doesn't look very pretty, but it's where no one can see it, so I didn't try very hard on that.  Oh, and I shined my shoes for the first time today.  They look like I just bought them again, except that they look a little worn from all the walking, but at least they is shiny." :)

What a funny boy!  Can't help but smile to read his letters.