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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week #26: Happy St. Patrick's Day - Six Month Mark!

Elder Tenney celebrated his 6 month mark on his mission with a "Burn The Tie" ceremony last night.  He wasn't very newsy this week in his emails to us - think maybe he was up late.  The photo of him in the "green room" was taken this morning.

The blow dart was pretty fun. I burned a tie to honor my 6 months out.
 It was hashed up and gross, so it was throw out or burn, so...
"Let the Games Begin!"
"Burn the Tie" - Happy 6-Months Milestone, Elder 10-e!"
"But Don't Burn the Tie in Your Apartment!!!"

Elder Tenney: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Six Months!

(From email to his brother):  How are you doing? I am oh sooo good. It has been 6 months now since I last played a video game, so, surprise! Hahaha, never thought that would happen, did ya?

In Brazil, there are like 20 different types of bananas here in the Amazon. There are also a lot of fruits like
cupuaçu, açai, gioaba, and so many more. Most of the time people here just eat rice and beans, though.

The big stuff going on right now is everyone here is preparing for the World Cup in 2014. It's going to be a huge event for the people here.

The ç thing is called a c-seh-jill-ee-uh or something like that. It just makes the "s" sound. It looks scary, but it's not.

It's illegal to own a gun here unless you are on the police force. It is required for everyone to be in the military for one year, usually at the age of 18. It's possible to sign out of it, though, if you have money or a reason. There is a power plant on the southern end of the country that almost half the country is dependent on. I think I said something about it going out while I was in the CTM. All of São Paulo was without power. It was crazy!

Élder Tenney