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The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Week #24: Fabio & Suelen baptisms!

No major disasters here. (As in earthquakes) Just thunderstorms and burning sun at the same time. Jessica is going to Haiti?? whoa....

"X-Tudao":  One of Elder 10-e's Favorite Foods in Manaus


Multi vitamins? What are those? Kidding, but seriously, I don't have them. I eat lots of fruit and stuff. If members don't feed us we go buy a lunch somewhere. It's really annoying because it eats into our money hard core. If you just sent the big box it will take a couple months to get to me. It could get to the mission in a month or so, but to me will be a while.
Elder Seastrand, Suelen, Fabio, Elder Tenney

Work is going really good. We baptized a Married Couple - Fabio and Suelen, and another man of 27 - Eduardo, last Friday. It was really really really really really good! We have a baptism of another man in a couple of weeks, too.
Elder Tenney, Eduardo, Elder Seastrand
Rosa (Returned Missionary) & Eduardo
Well, I think that pretty much answers your email. Now for the list I have. I hope this email sends. The internet is being stupid here right now...
Rip rolls are amazing. Love them to pieces.
I went on a division with my Zone leaders this last Monday. Divisions last for 24 hours, so I had to sleep over at their house in a hammock. Yay... my back hurt a lot in the morning, and I only slept about 2 hours.
Now for the sad event: I almost lost one of my fingers the other day. I was laying in a hammock at our house and I reached out to turn the fan a little and my finger went into a part where there wasn't a wire protector thingy and my middle finger on my left hand got whacked a few times by this metal fan going at full speed. It shot blood everywhere. It was awesome! Neosporin and a band-aid later and I don't think I need stitches. It is super hard to type though.
Elder Tenney says: "See what I found!" far away in the Amazon!
(His dear friends from St. George - The Andersens- in the Liahona)

Wow, sounds like everyone is going out now!  (re mission farewells) It is really weird. When Sam P. gets here, I will have about 10 months. When Elder Seastrand goes home, I will have a year and the Christensen twins will be home. I can just kind of mark the big events from when other missionaries come and go. The mission is almost over and I am still in my first area!
Elder Tenney - Looks like he might be a little wet??
I went into Central last week and we went to a store where you can buy stuff in bulk. I bought a kilo of cereal and ate it in less than a week. It's gone already.... sad day...
Well, we kind of burned the field of our investigators with these baptisms. We got to go hunt the elects out of hiding.

This week just went by really really really fast. That was pretty much our week in a nutshell. 


"Another cool building I thought looked cool...don't know what it is."

We walked out to the edge of our area last Saturday to contact a reference and we couldn't find the house number. I think we went where no other missionary has gone before in this area. Maybe. This is a pretty old area, so I don't know. . .
Elder Tenney Found this Turtle in their Backyard
I have a funny tan line on my neck now from the white shirts.

I am doing good. I need to start doing some crunches or something. I have a belly now. I can actually grab fat. I used to just be skin and bones! Now I am skin, bones and belly!

"Amazon at the Port"
That's a whole lotta watta.....