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The Journey from Beginning to End

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week #25: I Am Not Homesick

(from March 10 Email to Mom)

Oh wow, you are going to Texas? Sounds fun! (You´re going to Texas without me?? What is this??) That´s nice that Eddie sent a package. (YES! YES! YES! YES! HE IS AWESOME!!!) Oh yeah, I think Jess told me that Ally has a minivan now. (HAHAHA Ally drives a minivan? It has begun!)

(Are you really writing?) The most recent letters I got were from the end of January and beginning of February this last week. (What is wrong with the mail service? There are dying missionaries here!)

I am not homesick. (Just when I read about it. Then I start to think about home and then starts the waterworks. No, just kidding. But still.) I am going to have my six months mark next p-day. (Burn the tie! Burn the tie!)

It´s so amazing to see the change the gospel has brought to just these few peoples lives that I have come in contact with.  It really is amazing to see all the miracles the Lord has done in just this short amount of time while I have been here.

Official Missionary Papers
I hope you and the younglings have a great time in Texas. (Don´t let Livvy get dragged away by any small rodents.)

Yes, I am more careful with the fans these days. (It is going to be one sick nasty scar if I am lucky.) I didn´t realize they were cow intestines until I asked why the meat was so chewy to Elder Seastrand. (I am definitely scarred from that.)

(from March 10 Email to Dad)

The New Myldsmail is based off of Google now, so everything is a lot better. It's still a bit slow sometimes, but it's good.

This week we have stake conference at the stake center. This should be interesting. There are five wards (4 and a branch) in this stake (Solimões). I don't know whether to expect a lot of people or hardly any there.

Can you send me Steve´s address?

Sounds like you guys are having a fun time! (Without me... :P ) I remember seeing Elder Steck in the CTM. It was pretty cool. Has Jared B. left for his mission yet? Did he get his visa in time? What's his mission home address?

For the most part, all of the people I have helped along the path of life through the gospel of Jesus Christ are staying strong and working on the last step of Enduring to the End.

Hope you are having a swell week. Everything done be good here.

(March 10 Email w/photos)

Going to central again today. Hopes y'alls done be havings a goods olds times!

These are pretty much just pictures of my area. A part of it anyway. There are 4-5 neighborhoods and I think I only got 2 in these pictures. It's cool how the chapel sticks out of the trees...

East Manaus Neighborhood

Find the Steeple

Elder Tenney's Area

Love you all.

Have a great week. I will try to take a good good good picture. I hopes.

-Elder Tenney