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The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week #54: Mauazinho Blues - Part 2

Dear personages,

Dear Family,

I´m doing good. It was another week in the neighborhood.

Manaus Building
28 September 2010

More trips to the dentist and what-not. We had a baptism marked for this last Sunday, but it didn´t go too well in the interview. Thankfully, he is cleared to go on the 9th of October. His name is David. Elder Ciofe and Soelberg were teaching him before the area closed. We found him again, and he is still ready and willing to move forward with his life.

So, Thursday, Elder Arruda had huge pain problems from the kidney stones, so our zone leaders came and one stayed with him and the other went out to do visits with me. Friday, I finally finished Jesus the Christ in Portuguese by James E. Talmage. Then we went to the hospital yada yada yada. Saturday, we cleaned out the font, (before the interview), which was extremely dirty, as it hasn't been used in 6-7 months. The entire chapel is actually really dirty. We made some visits, had the interview, and yeah. Sunday, we had a meeting with the bishop, and Elder Arruda started burning him big time. He talked about how the chapel was always dirty every week and it has only been us cleaning it, how lunch has been falling every week, and how it is more than likely that this area will close again. Bishop got really flabbergasted. Felt kind of sorry for him. I might ask President to stay in the area, but I really don´t know if that will make much of a difference. Monday had a zone meeting, after which we went to the dentist. Then, the happy news, I found a post office! There isn´t a post office or a bank in our area, so getting money and mailing stuff has been a little hard this transfer. I bought a box. ;) Later that night, we had FHE with the 2nd counselor and his extended family. There were about 35-40 people there. There are enough people of all groups to open a branch in any area. It´s amazing to see that through all the apostasy and stuff in this ward, the entire family is still active. Tuesday, I finished D&C in Portuguese and started the Pearl of Great Price. Already in Abraham. After lunch, we went to the dentist and Elder Arruda got braces on his bottom teeth. Afterwards, we made a few visits, then went to have a little sleep over at the missionaries´ house in Petropolis. (Elder Sabino and Elder Canann) There were a bunch of legos in the house so we played with legos last night. Forgot my camera, but the Solomon´s temple was cool. Oh, we stayed the night there because we had to go back to the dentist today, so that E. Arruda could put braces on the top teeth. That is the end to the dentist visits. And I sent the box and letters and stuff today! Yay! I am super excited for Conference this weekend. This is my 3rd one on the mission already. One more after that and . . .

Brazil Souvenirs
28 September 2010

So that´s my week, family and personages. Hope you all are having an awesome time. And yes, I put a dvd of one year of photos in the box.

Have a nice day.


-Elder Tenney