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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Week #55: We Need More Missionaries!

Email to Mom:

Hey, sorry about the wait.  We were coming home on the bus and it took about an hour and a half longer than we thought for the overall trip. Wrong bus, of course. There is always a faster route on a different bus. But we are here now and I'm reading really fast. I don't have any pix or anything with me right now. We just baaarrrely got back, so this week will be really short. I'm going to read the rest of the emails then send a little message.

Weekly Email:

Hey all!

So, not much time to lose. We got back late because of the huge long bus ride that had like over 100 people on the bus and I was getting claustrophobic (sp?) so, anyway, it's gonna be short this week.

Conference was awesome! I will give it it's full time next week. Probably in a different area, because President Jayme told us that our area was more than likely due to be closed this transfer due to lack of member support. No lunch, not receiving us at home, no references, not teaching with us, chapel hasn't been cleaned in a month, stuff like that. So Mauazinho is going to have to chill a bit without missionaries.

Oh, in case you couldn´t tell, transfers are next Tuesday. Who knows where I´ll be. There are only 2 missionaries (Brazilians) that are coming this next transfer, and a legion is leaving. So... more areas than just mine closing.

This week we have a baptism of David, 17, who has been through many trials to get to this point. Pray for him that he can arrive to this happy day on Sunday ready to face his new life on the path to eternal life. He will more than likely serve a mission I think.
Joseneire & Ana Paula on their wedding day
29 January 2010

Elder Tenney & Elder Seastrand with Ana Paula & Joseneire
29 January 2010

Elder Martins called me the other day. I miss him a lot.  He´s actually a really cool guy.  He called me to tell me that Joseneire (Ana Paula´s husband from the wedding E. Seastrand and I did) got baptized!!
Elder Seastrand & Elder Tenney with Elcy & Ana Paula
29 January 2010

Also, Elcy´s little boy turned 8 and was baptized as well! Already seeing some of the fruits of my labors. It´s stuff like that that brings a true smile to your face and puts the fire in your heart to keep treading along to help more people to be happy. Fabio and Suelen visited me the other Sunday here in Mauá and they are going 7 months strong in the church, and Suelen is pregnant! Hope it's a boy that can grow up and serve a mission! They told me Eduardo is going to get married soon to a returned missionary girl also, so yeah, basically Castanheira was a success. If you can, let Elder Gannon know if you can get ahold of him.  Most of these people are people he found with Elder Menezes or me. I´m sure he would be happy to know everything he left turned out to be a success.

Well, photos and stuff next week.

We have a general authority coming to visit on Oct. 26 - an Elder C. Scott Grow of the 1st quorum of the seventy. Sweet beans.

Have a great week! I will most definitely pray for Uncle Curtis.


Elder Tenney