September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week #56: Big Week!

Elder Tenney (second from left)
watching General Conference in English
03 October 2010

Hey, so first off: I´m super excited! Elder Poulton (Elder Tenney's friend from home!) finally got in last night!!! He has an awesome companion! One of the best.  His companion, Elder Koehler, called me and I got to talk to him for a bit. He is off in the North Zone, so I think I´ll see him at the Oct. 26 Area 70 meeting. :)!!!!
Weldon Gomes of Castanheira & Elder Tenney
atop the Century Hotel in Manaus
09 October 2010
(Weldon is an employee at the hotel)

Next: Where in the world am I? Let´s just say I did not go very far. Alright, I can´t stall anymore, I´m back in Castanheira! (This was Elder Tenney's first area out of the CTM)  Both of the elders that were here had to be taken out due to problems, and as I know the area, I´m back in business! My companion is Elder O'Connor from San Diego. He is finishing up the mission in February. I get to see all the old familiar faces here! Everyone is still active and going strong as far as I can see. Joseneire was baptized a couple weeks ago, so in one year him and Ana Paula can go to the temple! Elcy´s little boy was baptized last month on his 8th birthday as well! The RS president had a baby, as well as the Elder's quorum president's wife! Suelen, Fabio´s wife, is also pregnant. It's a happy place now!
Elder Arruda, Deivid, Elder Tenney
@ Deivid's Baptism

We had a baptism last Sunday with Deivid (pronounced David). It was super awesome. He was 100% ready to go this time. He put off all his problems and started a new life.
Elder Tenney's house in Castanheira
13 October 2010

So, I´m back in my first area. The house was a disaster when I got there. Seems the other missionaries were fighting A LOT. Everything is broken and there is only one bed.

Bedroom in Castanheira
13 October 2010

I´m on the ground for now until I buy a hammock. The time has come. I´m just going to sleep in a hammock now. I likes it. Elder Reil, Elder Poulton´s CTM companion, is in my district. Of my group, Elder Owens, Elder Cotten and I are the only ones that are still juniors. I think that will change in the next couple of transfers. About 6 Americans came in this last transfer, and the Area Presidency gave a challenge to every stake in Brazil to send 5 missionaries before the end of the year. It´s kind of 1 missionary from each ward. There are exactly 661 missionaries missing in Brazil. 5 per stake will fix that. The temple should be opened in the first trimester of 2012. The tower is almost done!

What? No "Tropicana" orange juice?
04 October 2010

Pray for me.
Love you all.
Have a most excellent week.
Eat good.
Pray Always.
Be Obedient.
Brush your Teeth.
Read the Scriptures.
Go to Church.
Use Deodorant.
Send me Deodorant.
Love you all tons.

Big Brazilian Smiles
(Not sure who these young men are...elders?...notice the whiteboard
 to the right with the "SMILE" acronym...)
11 October 2010


Elder Tenney