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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week #57: Simple Life

Dear Family and other human life forms,

This week was good. It was basically going around visiting all my old investigators. Everyone here seems amazed with my sudden ability to speak in Portuguese and understand what they are saying. I guess I improved over the last few months. :) Church this Sunday was a little weird. There was a hundred people, but it was almost all young women and children. There were very few men there. We have our work cut out for us. All the people have different callings so the patters of houses we would visit is different and we are working more over on one side of the area where more members live than where I would work when I was here last time. Elder Poulton called me last week. It was super good to hear him talk. It's just extra proof to make sure that he really is here in Manaus. It´s really weird, but seeing all the same people, but with different personalities kind of threw me off. Suddenly I understand them better and see them as different people. It really does help to understand them better and help them understand, too, about the message that we are here trying to share. I lost some weight since the last time I was here. Last time I would just smile and nod my head, eat something to avoid having to talk, etc. Kind of like the RM movie. :p

We found some of the old families that I was teaching here a long time ago. There was one family that moved to Matto Grosso, a different state in Brazil, but came back last month. I am super excited to see where this one is going to go. Elder Reil, Elder Poulton´s MTC companion, is in my district. He is a most excellent missionary.

Our zone had a zone meeting yesterday. The Zone Leaders put up a mock trial and split the zone. We were to find scriptures to justify our reasoning to finding new investigators every week, or not needing to do it. We all know it is something we need to do, but they asked us to play the part. President Jayme was invited with the assistants to be the "Jury". It was an extremely funny activity, and helped us all to see the importance of always trying to find new investigators. I´ll see if I can get pictures from anyone.
Simple Life 1
20 October 2010

Simple Life 2
20 October 2010
Basically, I find myself not really needing much for the simple life I am leading. I have to choose a shirt: white, white, or white on white, and then study my extensive library of the scriptures and Preach my Gospel. I decided I am going to leave a lot of the extra baggage that I really don´t need in this area. Still waiting for the boxes, though. Supposedly there is a store here that has American products like brownie mix. We are going to go investigate sometime soon.

Life Is Good.

Read the Scriptures. Pray Always. Be an Example of the Believers. Love you all.
Elder Tenney

(The following is Elder 10-e's reply to questions about his living conditions and if he exercises every day):  Ammon O´Connor is my comp.  (He goes by "Elder Ammon".  Elder 10-e told us that  his name is Ammon O´Connor, but he had to change his nametag because  "O'Connor" sounds like the Portuguese words "o corno" which means traitor in a marriage or relationship.) I have a mattress. What is air conditioning? It's been a long time. Is it something new? I wake up in the morning, think about exercising, get tired again... no, I'm kidding. I do some stretches, but we walk every single day all over, and running means having a good chance of getting hit by a car/bus/motorcycle, so yeah. Elder Poulton is with Elder Daniel Koehler from my CTM district. He is going to have the time of his life this transfer.