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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Week #59: Power Week!

Hey all,

Hows bes yous alls? Is bes goods. This last week was a power week in the mission. We went all out and we have quite a large teaching group now of young couples and men. If all goes well, we will be doing 6 weddings on the 27th and about 15 baptisms. But, that´s just the hope. Most of the people aren´t exactly accepting, but if they all do, that´s about the potential number. Probably will filter out to one wedding with 2 being baptized, but that´s the idea of teaching lots. SOMEONE in there is ready to accept the message.

Our investigator that is closest to being baptized is Jonathas. He is the brother of Janderson, that Elder Seastrand and I baptized when I was here last time. Jonathas is like a golden investigator. He reads, prays, received an answer, was already trying to stop drinking coffee before we met him, and has no other problems that we are aware of yet. 13 of November is our goal.

We have had a few headache-giving investigators the last few days. People that just don´t seem to get it and they say that even if they got an answer from Heavenly Father they wouldn´t trade their religion, then they say that it can´t be true anyways because Joseph Smith´s name isn´t in the Bible. We try to explain, but a hard heart is a hard thing to get through.

This transfer is going by extremely fast. It´s practically Christmas again! So very excited I am!

Have an awesome week!

Love you all tons!

-Elder Tenney

Bad news about pictures: My card reader burned out for some reason last week and isn´t working anymore. It is going to be a while before pictures come again.

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