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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week #60: I'm Singing in the Rain!

Oi! Como estão?

So, this last week has been really tiring. We have done a lot of walking. Right now we are working out in the Sharp Community, which is the furthest neighborhood from our house. Basically, if we had gone any further, we would have gone into the area of Mauazinho. (I didn´t know it was so close to here!) We received one reference out there and now we are finding a whole bunch of people to teach! Our teaching group had died, but now it is starting to come back to life again. I´m starting to realize that a teaching group has an average life span of 2 weeks, then you have to basically get a new one. Well, actually you shouldn´t let it just die, you should always be putting in and taking out people constantly so it can stay healthy, but usually if you don´t go looking for new people, it dies fast. But, on a happy side, we have a baptism marked for this Sunday, and another one for next Saturday after. The first one is of Jonathas, who is Janderson´s brother, the guy I baptized with Elder Seastrand. He is an elect. He was already trying to quit drinking coffee before we found him. The other guy is Antônio. He was an old investigator from a few years ago that I found in the Area Book. That Saturday is also the day the phone call comes for transfers, so I don´t know much of what is going to go on after that one. We also started teaching Fabio´s parents. His dad was really against the church a long time ago, but now that he is seeing how Fabio´s life is changing, he has softened up a bit and we are teaching him. He accepted the Book of Mormon as the word of God, but he isn´t really in the mood to pray about it. Give him another couple days and he will come around.

All in all, Zion is growing! Hope you all are having a blast! Good luck to Sam with the basketball tryouts. I will only accept Desert Hills beating Pine View if Sam is on the team!

Boa Sorte, Buddy!

Love you all!

Church is true in case you had any doubts.

-Elder Tenney

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L. Christensen said...

I love ready the blog. He has a great attitude!