September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Week #68: The New Year

Ôla! How y´all doin'?
I´m doing great. This last week was pretty fun. I said goodbye to a bunch of them because I got transferred out of Castanheira. I got transferred to the Center Zone (Zone Central). I´m in an area close to Castanheira and Mauazinho. It seems like I am meant to just stay in the Southeast areas of Manaus. Oh, the area is called Lagoa Verde (Green Lagoon). We live in a neighborhood called São Lazaro. It´s in a place called the Bola da Suframa which is a major industrial place. It is a bit of a richer area than the ones I have passed through so far. There is the giant 7th Day Adventist Hospital and a McDonald's in my area. By the way, it's the R$4,00 menu, not the $1 menu. The new thing here is the Cheddar McMelt or something like that for R$7. Ouch.

Elder Woolf and Elder Tenney
New house and area in Lagoa Verde, Center Zone
05 January 2011

My new companion is Elder Tanner Woolf from Spokane, Washington. He is like 3/4 Canadian, so he´s a blast. I´m already loving this transfer. The only problem is there is no teaching pool, (again), in this area. Lots of other elders were telling me this area is a "hole" right now (in a slump) so I said the classic "Well, I´ll just fill it up with water and baptize everyone then" line. The house rocks.

Kitchen in Lagoa Verde
04 January 2011

Bathroom in Lagoa Verde
04 January 2011

It has two bathrooms and lots of space with our own wall all the way around. We live in an alleyway, but it's way safe. The house was way dirty when I got there, though, because elders leave their junk in that house for some reason so I purged the entire house. It´s a lot better now.

Desks in Lagoa Verde
04 January 2011
I already have a bed and fan, the fridge and washing machine rock, the oven works, we have many tables and chairs, a sink, hot water shower heads, (not sure if they work or not...), a blender and tereré {a Brazilian drink}. What more do I need? So I went to center and bought a hammock today. Blue and White and I´m taking it to BYU. Now I am all set. We are starting from square one, but I think in a couple of weeks we will already be having baptisms once the people are ready. We just need to find them. Any ideas for fun activities we could do instead of regular street contacts? The sky is the limit.

Neto and Sandra are getting baptized and married (not in that order) this weekend so I am going to miss it, but hopefully I get photos from Elder Ammon if I´m lucky.

Right now I´m in the area where Elder Koehler started his mission. The ward members really liked him. He just became assistant to the Pres. this transfer. He is so awesome. This transfer all the leadership positions changed. District leaders became zone leaders, zone leaders became trainers or regular missionaries. Some changed positions with companions (Junior became the Senior, Senior became the Junior.) There are 20 missionaries going home this next transfer, so I guess President Jayme is just preparing the new generation a bit early. There are 16 Americans waiting for visas right now, but other than that the mission is going to get close to only 100 missionaries this next transfer. 

Goodbye to Family in Castanheira
03 January 2011

All the pix are of the new area except for one which is a family I helped reactivate in Castanheira. They were really awesome.

Hope you all are having an awesome week. Safe traveling and good luck with your endeavors!

-Elder Tenney-