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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week #67: Pictures Say It All!

This week, I shall be using my handy dandy new memory card reader to send some much wanted photos to all you peoples in StG. I´ll just bullet list the highlights since Sunday.
-Still working on Birth Certificate.

-Bought a box to send stuff home soon.

-Transfers this week.

-It´s New Year's! I still have to be sleeping at 10:30pm like last year. I slept through the fireworks last year. They party until 2ish in the morning. -I am happy, healthy, and going strong.

Happy week! It´s President Jayme´s 60th birthday on the 30th (tomorrow) Love you all! -=Elder Tenney=-

Elders Tenney & Poulton: Hometown Friends Reunited @ Last!
Zone Conference - 26 October 2010

"We went to INPA a few weeks ago."
17 November 2010
INPA Critter (P-Day Outing)
17 November 2010
"It's a Giant Leaf!"
17 November 2010

" I almost got a good pic of a monkey"
17 November 2010

"It's me!" (Elder Tenney - 17 November 2010)

"There were a bunch of little tiny frogs everywhere!"
17 November 2010

"Manaus Banner"
17 November 2010

"Janderson´s baptism - there was a little girl baptized by her dad, too, on the side"
21 November 2010

"My bed/couch that I used to have"
28 November 2010

"Debora's Baptism"
28 November 2010

"Elders Tenney & Ammon"
08 December 2010

"A Sunset"
15 December 2010

Maria´s Baptism
19 December 2010

"My Poor Shoes"
20 December 2010

"My Poor Shoes" #2
20 December 2010

Don't think duct tape will work on THAT hole....
20 December 2010

"I´ve still got a bit of shoes that should last another 2-3 months before they end up in the same state as those. I´m going to buy shoes next transfer." 20 December 2010

"Temple Construction"
Mission Christmas Conference - 22 December 2010

"Temple Quarters for Missionary Couples"
22 December 2010
"Elder Tenney @ the Manaus Temple"
22 December 2010

"Temple with District 38-C from the CTM for Mission Christmas Conference"
22 December 2010

Nicolau & Iracema´s Baptism
26 December 2010

That´s all for now. We´re off to work again!

-Elder Tenney