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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Week #73: Another Week - It Went By So Fast!

Hey all,

So, it's been a really fast week. I feel like I was just here telling you all about how I was dying last week. This week I got somewhat better but both of us still seem to have some sort of stomach virus or something. For me, it's not that bad, but Elder Woolf  is going 3 days with pains in his gut. Hopefully it rolls over soon.

I think the highlight for this week was a reference we got from a member. This member has given us about 5 references this transfer because she said, "my daughter is wanting to serve a mission, so I have to start helping the missionaries now so that she will get help when she is on her mission." I don´t think karma works that way exactly, but I accept her philosophy as long as I am here. Most of her references have kind of dudded out, but this last one is the family that we have been looking for. Luis and Francisca live kind of close to our house and they are from Acre. They´ve been here for about 3 years. They are an older couple in their 40´s, but their kids are all with them still. They need to get married and whatnot, but they were extremely receptive to the message. The hard thing is just finding a time to go and visit them when everyone is home. Last time we managed to get them at home Francisca was sick, so we may try again today and if not we have to wait until Friday. I guess you can never have a perfect situation, but they are definitely worth the time.

WHOA!!! Sam is 16!!! WHOA!!!

Hope you all are doing great. Transfers are this week. I feel like I will stay. Part of me feels like E. Woolf will stay too, but I guess that´s just wishful thinking.

Have an awesome week y´all!

-Elder Tenney

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