September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week #74: Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Ôpa! How you all doing? I´m doing pretty good. I have a new planner with me today so I am forgetting all that happened this last week. Let´s see what comes to mind... I cleaned out our house from top to bottom the other day before transfers. So many spiders and cockroaches. I think this is the most infested house I have stayed in. I waged chemical warfare on it and sprayed bug spray in all the cracks and corners and I think it lasts for a month, so we should be good for now. This last Sunday for church one of our investigators went to church at 8:00. Church starts at 8:30, and the chapel was locked when our investigator arrived, so she went home. So close, yet so far. I did a mass member training Sunday and at the beginning of each class I gave a quick missionary message and gave out pass-along cards to everybody. I am hoping for many a reference during this week. I have been playing the organ for the last few Sundays here. I make mistakes, but nobody seems to notice, which is nice. Transfers were this week. Elder Woolf got transferred out to Zona Leste to Grande Vitória, which is the neighbor area to Castanheira. The missionaries live in the same apartment building, so he will get to see some of the people and things I told him about. Before Elder Woolf got transferred, we ordered out food from a chain restaurant here in Brazil called "Habib´s". It took me about 15 minutes to make the order because Portuguese is so hard to understand on the phone. But, it was delivered to us in about 10-15 minutes, which in my book is extremely fast!

Elder Spencer Johnson and  Elder Tenney
16 February 2011

My new companion is Elder Spencer Johnson from Green River. He is one transfer behind me, so we should be rocking the area during this next transfer. He has been in staff the last few months as a secretary and is ready to head back out to the field and get to work. Hand trained by President Jayme himself, how blessed can I get? Elder Johnson has an awesome sense of humor and kind of reminds me of Drew Carey a bit actually.

Brazilian Football Gear?
16 February 2011

We went out and played football in a mud field today. It was super fun. I didn´t get as badly burned this time. 15 Americans and one Brazilian again. We went exploring out in the forest after and found a pond with a rope swing and an alligator. I guess the rope swing hasn´t been used in a while... Last night Elder Johnson and I were getting a little homesick because we started talking about restaurants and stuff like that. We both nearly died at the mere mention of Sticky Fingers at Wingers. That´s what me, Ryan, Josh and Darrin would go get all the time. I still remember the taste....... 

Elder Tenney Prepares a Welcome for his New Companion
14 February 2011

Oh, Elder Johnson came in sick, kind of. He has the fever, red dots all over thing that I had, but this time it is supposedly dengue, which I learned is NOT the West Nile Virus. Actually, it's worse. He is getting better already, though. Our battle plan for this transfer is to find the families in the ward where not everybody is a member. Contacts haven´t really been working out for us, but then again, when have they? Member references are always better. By the way, give the missionaries references if you´re not.

I am sure there is more, but I don´t remember any more... Have an awesome week, y'all! I am almost out of the envelopes I bought in São Paulo, and they are expensive here, so, sorry if I have been slacking on snail mail...


+_+ <  Elder Tenney

Oh! I bought new shoes! I went cheap, though, and they are already getting hashed. I will buy better next time, though...

Please keep me updated every single week on March Madness. There are many Americans here who want to know the scoop on everything. Also, please send a bracket so that we can do a mission bracket. We are going to fly blind and go off of just what is sent to us, so this should be fun.