September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week #75: A Pretty Good Week...

This  past week was pretty good for me. We managed to mark a baptismal date with a woman that I have been teaching for about a month. She is a little iffy on it still, but she went to church this past week and says she is feeling better.

Elder Woolf´s (2nd from left) 1-year party with Elders Stapley, Tenney,
and Lewis at the area of Laranjeiras (Orange Trees)
19 January 2011

"My super awesome district at the Lagoa Verde chapel"
(Elder Henshaw, Elder Johnson, Elder Paixao in front of Elder Tenney)
21 February 2011

I´ve been doing pretty good. I haven´t weighed myself in a while, so I don´t know what I am coming in at these days. I think I may have gone under 70 kilos (154 lbs), though. I came into the mission at 61 (134 lbs), so as long as I come home at 70+ I will be happy. I guess I just need to start eating more like how I used to at the beginning of the mission.

Elder Johnson and I were talking and we were trying to come up with major events/days that we have each transfer until we go home. This transfer is the 5-week transfer, then there is St. Patty's day, I make 18 months, conference/Easter, Mother's Day, Pres. Jayme´s last transfer, my birthday 7/15, then his bday 7/17, then my last transfer. I couldn´t remember anymore than that.

This Monday I gave a talk  in District Meeting. I called it "Um Missionário de Poder" (A missionary of Power). It had stuff from Alma 17-19. There were 10 key points that I gleaned from the example of Ammon: being a friend to the king, he said "I will be your servant", the king was amazed by his faithfulness in obeying, Ammon was full of the spirit and perceived the thoughts of the king, taught with power and teaching on the appropriate level, asking simple questions to explain and also using the scriptures, he taught of the plan of salvation, and after teaching all fell to their knees and prayed to know if these things were true. The king later, after rising, began to teach the others (give references) and those who listened hearkened to his words and were baptized. I forgot to bring my notes with me or I would have given the scripture references. It turned out pretty good. My district is made up of Me, Elder Johnson, Elder Henshaw from SLC (Elder Seastrand trained him) and Elder Paixão who arrived in Manaus with me.

"Ser Mórmon é ser feliz - 'Being Mormon is Being Happy' - a newspaper picture I found and wrote on"
11 October 2010