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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week #80: What an Area...

Dear peoples at home,

Wow! I must say this is the most interesting area I have passed in in my mission. For the first time I have the Stake President in my ward, and not only that, I have a 70 living in my ward, too! This will be a very interesting transfer. (The 70´s name is Elder Renato Capelletti; he left for Salt Lake yesterday). I also must say this is the richest area I have been in. Every member here is a professor, owns a business, or works in upper management that I have met so far. The people here are very well off. Most anyway. My area is the "City Center" where all the business and shopping happen and so all the residential is out on the far reaches. I have walked a lot in this last week. We have a baptism this Friday of a young woman named Larissa. Her mom and older brother are already members, but for some reason she was scared to get baptized, but I guess she talked with the right people at church this Sunday who helped her to understand and told us she is ready now. We actually have a massive teaching group right now. The area is so big that it is like having 3 groups and we have to divide the days into which region we will work that day. It´s hard to mark to come back with the same people on the same days, but we manage. We got a ward member list this Sunday. 710 members, 100+/- active. Time to update the records. Everybody in the ward will be helping, but we got the bulk of the work. I like it because it helps me to get to know the area better and the members. Plus, it creates opportunities to find others.

I guess that´s the highlights for my week. There is a Subway here, so we may hit that up one of these days. R$4.50 for a 6 inch. {about $2.75 U.S. dollars}

Love you all tons!

-Elder TeNnEy!

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