September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Week #81: Amos 3:7 The Lord Calls Prophets

And so ends another wonderful conference. There were some tech problems and I had to watch the Saturday afternoon and priesthood sessions in Portuguese, but it wasn´t much of a setback. Still the amazing messages, just with different words.

General Conference Sunday
03 April 2011
Elder Tenney (middle row, far right)

It was really funny for all of us missionaries to hear all the messages that basically said, "Get on with your life, get married." I would like to have the Ensign sent to me in English if possible. Don´t send your only copy, though.
Larissa's Baptism
01 April 2011
This last week we had a baptism of a girl whose family was baptized a few months ago, but she didn't want to.  Seems she was just scared that she couldn't dance or something, so everything got straightened out and she was baptized last Friday. (Larissa)
Basically it's the same stuff for every week. I am feeling a lot better now. We got some rain today, but the last few days have been sun sun sunny. (And hot, in case you didn´t get the message.)

Bug Zapper
01 April 2011

One fun thing, we bought a bug zapper to kill mosquitos. It looks like a tennis raquet and gives an extremely strong zap. Made in Japan, of course. This sort of thing would be a menace in the US. I must say that I think the mosquitos are scared of our house now because we haven´t had all that many recently.

Still working with a large group of investigators. Basically, if they all get baptized, we will be doing about 7-8 weddings here in a month or so. Problem is getting papers together. Pray for us.

Hope you are all doing extremely awesomely well, and that you can manage to stay away from toxic radiation from nuclear reactors.

-Elder Tenney