September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week #87 and Week #86

Week #87:  What a Fast Week!

So this last week was pretty good. Jaimison, Luide and Larissa were all confirmed this Sunday at church, so we are all caught up now. This week is Taiane´s wedding and baptism. Should be a good one. José hasn´t really gone anywhere. The fire kind of cooled down with him, but we have a bunch of other super awesome investigators that we are teaching right now. For now, I think what our big issue is going to be is finding more people to put into the system for the next few months. If we don´t find people now, June and July are going to be kind of empty. We had Zone Conference Monday and Tuesday. It was most excellent. I participated more than usual due to the small size of the zone here, so suddenly I seem to be a talking machine to president I think. After this conference I actually really do feel more confident in what I am capable of doing to help others here on the mission. It´s funny because the Church Mission Office makes the curriculum for training missionaries, and now they aren´t teaching so much what the topics are, but how to teach in general. I guess they realized we know the material, but we are just terrible teachers. :p It only works when the Spirit of the Lord is with you, otherwise you are wasting a lot of people´s time, talents, and money. Let´s see... It sounds like Elder Poulton was called out to Boa Vista. Lucky guy. That´s the one state I haven´t gone yet. Let´s see how he does. I hear it is super hot and sunny during the day, sunscreen a must have. Well, I guess that´s it for this week. Elder Guerreiro and I are getting along splendidly. He and I have a lot in common. Hope you are all doing well, and I´ll hear from you next week!

Love in a bucket,

Elder Tenney

 Week #86:  Another Week.....

Elder Tenney and Train
May 2011

Well, I basically don´t have anything new since Sunday, so here are some pictures. Another couple of baptisms this week if all goes well. Love you all tons!

Thanks for the amazing phone call. Take luck!

{Short email this week since the Mother's Day call just 3 days ago, but pictures make up for it!}

"Greengo the Dog"
30 April 2011
"Mario and Family"
30 April 2011
{Mario and his wife are the couple Elder Tenney told us about a couple of weeks ago who had been inactive and decided to come back to church and they had children who are ready to be baptized and other family members interested in the gospel!}
Baptism Day
30 April 2011

"Joa Vitor"
Baptism Day
07 May 2011

"The New District"
(Elder Guerreiro and Elder Tenney far right)
09 May 2011