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The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Week #85: 18 "A ùltima ligação"

Hey all,

How be's you's? I be good. I be fine. I be great. I be forgetful of grammar of Eenglishs. I be here in Porto Velho still. I be with new comp. Name of him is Elder Lucas Guerreiro from São Paulo. Parents of him live in Pleasant Grove in Utah. They be far away. They moved there long time ago it was. Baptism we had this last Saturday. Jaimison be name of him. I forget card reader today, so I send pictures next week of baptism of him and baptism of others for this week. I try to make phone call 6 my time, 4 your time. PM. I don´t have phone number. Actually, wait a bit, let me check. I think number is ****.  Don´t know which. But, I call to you first. We didn´t plan with any members yet, but they are all super rich here so a quick call to send the number don´t hurt a bit. We were going to call from one place, but then we found out the family was going to Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, this weekend, so we had to change plans. I hopes it works out. This last week was a little slowed up with the transfers because it was going to and coming from the airport and getting companions together and sleeping in different areas and it was slightly disorganized. But, if everything works out we will have 3 more baptisms this week. I am loving this area a lot. It be good. Well, if we don´t get the phone call worked out, it's all good. It´s not like I have to wait until Christmas to talk to you again. Have a good week. Love you all kilos and kilos and kilos, until it becomes tons! :p

-Elder Tenney

{Elder Tenney's blog title this week translates to "The last link"...not sure what he meant...unless it's a golf reference maybe with it being "18" weeks till he's home...crazy kid. We are excited to talk to him in just a few days!}

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