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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week #88: And....

Dear Family,

How are all of you? I am doing just grand. In a nutshell, missionaries are starting to get a little sick again in the region, so I gotta be careful on where the water I´m drinking comes from and stuff. Elder Marchette in my district spent all last night vomitting and whatnot. Not pretty. Also, Taiane, who was marked to get married and baptized this week, didn´t work out because her little 5 month old daughter got pneumonia last Tuesday and is still in the hospital. Doing better, but it was enough to set us back a bit. I´m finding some old investigators that are starting to get interested again, but we really need a new teaching group. We went out to the park in the city center and did contacts with people there for a few hours. It brings some interesting conversations, from crazy pastors to wild hippies. There was one guy who stopped US and asked us 3 questions: 1- Are you Mormon? 2- Do you use your Bible or the actual Bible? 3-Do you keep all the commandments? The 3 one was his way of saying why don´t you keep Saturday instead of Sunday. From that point, I knew he was an Adventist, so I tried to explain to him and invite him and whatnot, but he wouldn´t give me a chance to speak, so I just listened for a little bit, and he finally let us go. I got his phone number at least. We did a service project at Bishop Diniz´s house yesterday and pulled all the weeds out of his backyard. He is a school teacher that teaches class in the morning, afternoon, and night classes, so he rarely has time to do stuff like this. Oh, yesterday was a holiday in Brazil. I don´t know if I said this yet, but I think Brazil has more holidays than any other country. There are like 2 or more every month. Just another excuse to go drink and miss work. Oh well... Hope you are all doing great! Love y'all tons!

-Elder Tenney

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