September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Week #89: KUNG FU PANDA 2??? NO WAY!!!!!

Hey all,
"We had a zone activity today. Soccer and basketball. I forgot my shoes in Manaus, so I've been playing barefoot and today I got a massive blister. Not going to be fun walking... maybe." (Elder Tenney:  Second from right)

This week was a hot walking in the sun go about talk to everyone milkshake physical therapy where are the investigators why isn´t our baptism working out kind of week. In other words, this week was normal. Elder Guerreiro started to have back pains the other day and so we went to the hospital and he got an xray. From the looks of it, his spine is collapsing or would have had we not come in when we did. They ordered him to start physical therapy, which we do once or twice a day now. Poor guy, after physical therapy it gets better, but then much later in between sessions he says it still hurts. Hope he can get through this. Took an injection and meds and stuff for it, too. Not pretty. Taiane´s little baby girl got pneumonia a couple weeks ago and finally left the hospital this Sunday. We went to go visit her on Monday and right before we got there they rushed back to the hospital as Grazielle got bad again. It's so sad... it's a little baby girl with a rocking hairstyle. I´ll try to take a pic one of these days if I can. So... we spend our days talking with people. As our area is the city center, for every 10-12 people we talk with, 3 give us their address. Of every 10-12 addresses we get, 1-2 live in our area. So, we get to talk to lots of people. That´s basically the battle plan for this week and next week so that the next transfer can already start off good. We walked past a movie theater today and I saw a poster for Kung Fu Panda 2. Let me just say I am so excited now I'm just getting all giddy inside. Well, hope you all are doing amazing! Love you all tons! Have an awesome week, work hard, go read a book or something. Loves.

-Elder Tenney