September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week #100: "3"

So, the highlight of my missionary labors during this time is Gabriel´s family and the amazing faith and progress that they are having. This last week we had 3 marvelous visits in which we discussed the 3 pillars of personal revelation: Prayer, Scriptures, and Church Frequency. When we are doing these 3 things, it is more likely that we will be led to do what is right and to truly perceive the whisperings of the spirit. We basically get there and I just ask a few questions and they teach themselves. Who do we pray to? Why do we pray? When should we pray? Just simple questions and I get amazed by the amount of knowledge that Rivelino, Gabriel´s dad, has about these subjects. They truly are an elect family who were prepared to hear the Lord´s message. I don´t think I taught anything really... I just ask questions and they answer! I´m so grateful that the Lord led us to such an amazing and elect family. This ward is truly amazing here. I´m excited for it because the stake will split here in a bit and then the ward. We went to go help clean out the chapel building on Saturday morning and Gabriel was there with the other young men and the Bishop already helping. Gabriel should be getting the Aaronic Priesthood here in a little bit. He will be a teacher for a while, but soon a Priest. He is already going to seminary and everything as well. :) On a different note, my companion, Elder Brasil got his mission call, as well as the other short-time missionary that lives in our house, Elder R. Barbosa. Elder Brasil will go to the Brasil Belo Horizonte mission, and Elder R. Barbosa is going to the Brasil Campinas mission. Elder Brasil was super crazy excited when he opened it and the first words from him were, "Dude! I´m going somewhere cold! I´m finally leaving this burning rainforest!" I got it on film. Good stuff. kkkkk We have another zone conference tomorrow. This is the one where I get to "bury" my last testimony to the mission. I always thought it was funny how the younglings say "bury" instead of "bear." :p

Mmm... blueberry muffins.... mmmmmmmmm.....

Love you all tons!
-Elder Tenney


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