September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Monday, August 01, 2011

Week #98: "5"

Well, I guess I´ll write a letter to you all, seeing as how I have so little opportunities to do this during the week. :p So my not so exciting transfer suddenly got a vortex of twists and changes and crazy mad cow disease h1n1 stress action. Basically I got my comp changed to Elder Brasil, and late that same night a 2nd missionary pair got sent to our house and then one of those two got switched out again a couple days later. I spent my week showing the area around and then had a few stress attacks at the lack of attention my area was getting and we went into overdrive to get it all caught up. Spiritual Experience of the week besides another encounter with satan's demons: Gabriel was baptized and confirmed. I think I´ve told his story, but his parents are just starting a most fascinating adventure. Karina, G's mom, went to church the other day and said it was exactly the type of church she was looking for. Baptism- her in tears, confirmation- still crying, Sunday night visit with Bishop Robson- crying again and both parents basically asking us when they can be baptized, too. Their wedding is marked for the 27 of August, but there is a slight problem with one of their birth certificates, so pray that we can get it all settled quickly. I feel like suddenly I don´t have enough time to do all that I´m wanting to do to help all these here peoples in my area. It really is a strange feeling. I know I´m where the Lord wants me to be, with who I need to be, teaching who I need to teach. I just hope I can keep going and find some more people for the ones who come after me to teach, too. It´s like when Elder Gannon left, he left a bunch of people for me to teach, and during 2010 I saw basically all of them get baptized. I´m hoping the same for the people I´m teaching now, and also that they can all continue going strong and prepare for the wonderful temple being built on the margins of the Rio Negro. It really is starting to look amazing!

Love you all tons! Buckets of love for y'all.

-Elder Tenney

P.S.  Moroni is in town now. Any day now to set him all up on his new home. :)

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