September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Monday, August 08, 2011

Week #99: "4"

Well, I´m still alive. The jaguars are getting kind of feisty, and the neighbor's anaconda keeps crawling over the wall and almost ate all our chickens. No, I´m kidding, it's not like that here in this part of town. At least the anaconda part... and the jaguars... but there are a lot of chickens..I´m in this strange stupor right now of just keep working one day at a time but I feel like I know when the millenium is and there is just this void of what's going to happen after such and such day... will life be the same? Who is going to be there? What am I going to do? But, I got another month before I deal with that, so we just keep walking in the dried up heat of Manaus. I don´t remember it being so hot here..I think last August I was still in Acre and it was getting a cold front. But for now, we have a couple weddings in the makings. One is going to be on the 26 of Rivelino and Karina, who are Gabriel´s parents, and his sister Maria is also going to get baptized. The other couple is Nente and Gibson, but they are being a little difficult with me right now and won´t mark an exact date. They are leaning between 3 September or 30 September. I don´t know what´s taking so long but they won´t give me an answer. We already have their papers all set for the wedding, it's just do it now. Other than that it's just tudo de boa. {"all good"} Have an awesome week! Smile!


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