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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas = 100 Days! 09 Dec. 09 Email

Dear mom and family,

Everything is going good here. The rain has begun, and it. Gets. Wet. Crazy beans. This last week has been a little difficult. None of our investigators came to church last week, and for a lot of them this is the third or so time they haven’t come, and if they don’t come this next week we have to drop about half of our teaching pool. Super sad. Also, a lot of them aren’t home when we schedule to teach them, so we end up walking back and forth all day teaching not so much. We are making lots of street contacts though, but lots of people give fake addresses rather than be rude and say I don’t want to hear your message.

No package yet. It takes longer than what they say for that kind of stuff. I don’t think I`ll get it till around new years maybe on transfer day. The newsletter that the mission just emailed out has a list of packages and my name wasn’t there, so… oh well. We went downtown today so Elder Gannon could get his brazil stuff to take home. I was tempted to buy an Indian blowdart gun and a fedora, but that can wait a couple years. There is some super awesome stuff you can buy here. No piranha head keychains yet, but I saw full piranhas you can buy.

There is a hamburger here that you can buy at lots of places called the X-todo which is like Cheese-Everything. IT has egg, meat, meat, lettuce, cucumber, meat , 2 hotdogs, meat, bread and IT IS HUGE! oh, and cheese. They think its what Americans eat because all Americans are fat and eat hamburgers everyday. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I`m starting to wake up tired now from all the walking we are doing. It is crazy how many hills there are and how steep everything is. Its like walking up and down our hill all day.

Can`t see the river from the apartment, just other buildings and the forest. Saw the river today though. For Pday before Christmas we are taking a boat to where the two rivers come together to form the amazon river. Every missionary in the mission will be there.

Downtown is so much different from where I`m serving. It`s more like Sao Paulo with extra heat. It is really strange that that kind of stuff is so close yet so far to where I`m serving right now. As of Christmas Day I will have been in Brazil for 100 Days. That means that the mission is already 1/7 of the way over! Where on Earth is the time going! The question mark button doesn`t work on this keyboard… That`s awesome that everyone is getting their mission calls. I`m super excited for them. All in all it was a decent week this week. I`m doing good. I have 29 mosquito bites on my left arm alone. Don`t know how many total. Language has hit a brick wall, but I know it will come. Its cold at nights. I have to sleep with a blanket now. It gets all the way down to 89 Fahrenheit! Freezing cold!!!
Anyway, love y`all!