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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Rains in the Amazon ;) 16 Dec. 09 Email

I have composed a list in my planner to remind me of things to email. I hope I cover everything. From the beginning, Box- No, It has not arrived. I think I will get it at transfers on the 30th. Or possibly later.

I watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional this last Sunday. It was so amazing. I thought I was in Utah again for a second and I thought there would be snow outside or something. It was a homesickness moment, and the only one I have had in the field so far. It was cool though.

I had my first transfer interview with President Jayme on Monday. He is such an amazing person. I am so grateful to have him as my president. He treats us as though we were his own children practically, and he has a really good sense of humor.

The Rainstorms have begun. There is more water coming from the sky in 10 minutes here than there is in all of Southern Utah for 5 years. Today we are having the worst one yet. We were coming back from downtown in the bus and the road is completely flooded everywhere we went. Every time the bus pulled up to a stop, water flooded onto the platforms and everyone waiting for the bus got soaked. I took some pictures from the window.

Next topic- Pictures. I took my memory card to a place and had the pictures transferred to a disk. It is a DVD so it won`t work in your computer, but it will work in dads laptop. I suggest you get a new computer with a DVD drive for Christmas. Just don’t get Windows Vista. Stick with XP.

Phone call for Christmas information will come next prep day. We are still looking for a members house to make the call from. Not many people have a phone here. (Land line, lots of cell phones.)

I am going to try and mail the dvd pictures in an envelope from the post office in a week or two whenever we go by to withdraw money again. I have plenty of money. Today was just a restock of supplies day.

On a fun note, I was bit by a dog for the first time on Monday. We were just walking down the road, we passed this dog, it turned watching me, I wasn’t watching it, it growled and bit me right above my ankle on the back of my leg. Didn’t break skin or anything, so no need to worry. Elder Gannon and I just laugh that it was so random. It scared me to pieces too.

The language is about the same. I haven`t really been studying it that much. Its more walking and teaching what I can than stay at home and study for a bit. But now the rain is starting and we are having to find shelter (sometimes). There are a couple times where we just have to keep on walking in the rain and I have become absolutely soaked. I will just hold to the promise that was given to us by President Van Orman from the CTM-(He was our Branch President) He said for every rainstorm you have to walk in and the harder you work, the prettier your wife will be :P

Anywho, that’s amazing that Ty got his call! Spanish speaking?? Wow! And Josh to Thailand????????? I did not see that one coming!! When does he leave again?

I think the mission office forgot or lost the paper that says I bought a proselyting bag, because I haven’t got it yet. The backpack I brought is too big for this mission. It is strongly recommended to only have a small bag to not look like a wealthy tourist with lots of stuff to steal. So I bought one of those bags with the drawstrings like that roadrunner one I gave to sam.

Anyways, Love you a whole lot. Im freezing now. 80 degrees is very cold. Next week for p day every missionary in the mission is being called in to manaus and we are going on a boat ride up the river to where the Rio Negro and the Solimoes come together to form the amazon. It should be amazing.

(Can't wait to get the pictures from Elder Tenney - I will post some as soon as I can! - Mom 10-e)