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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grandpa Tenney... and the Work goes on... 02 Dec 2009 Email

Dear Mom and Family,
Center:  Grandpa Miles Tenney with Elder Mitchell Tenney
@ his setting apart as a missionary to the Brazil Manaus Mission
15 September 2009
Thank you for letting me know about Grandpa Tenney. I´m happy to know that he went peacefully and that he is in a better place now. I´m going to miss him.  I already did actually, but I know that he isn´t in pain anymore.

I had my first Zone Conference on December 1. I woke up and was (No Surprise) sick again. Also, throughout the day my back and legs and arms started to hurt and I got quite the headache. So when I got home I had authorization to sleep the rest of the day and I woke up feeling much better. I´m good now. Also, I got about 5 letters from all of you at the Zone conference. No package though. Those take time. The Mission home is in the Central Zone, and I´ve only been there once when I arrived here in Manaus. I only go there for if I get transferred and for interviews. There is a Zone conference about every month also. Interviews are in about two weeks so I might get the package then instead.

Right now my camera has about 250 pictures on the card. I have room for 750 more. Fun stuff too. We deep cleaned the apartment this morning and I took new pictures of it. We are going bowling later today for P-Day! YAY!! Next week we might go to one of the zoos, and after that go downtown for Elder Gannon´s last P-day for buying stuff because the last p day is the mission Christmas party. We are going to where the two rivers come together to form the amazon on a boat! Super fun. Also, I get to have my phone call on December 25, 2009.   IT CAN BE UP TO 45 MINUTES. NO MORE THAN THAT. So make sure you time it. When it gets to 40 minutes I need to start saying the goodbyes. (Obedience, eh!)

Please let everyone know I´m super sorry I haven´t sent any letters recently. The post office is forever away and we rarely go by. We are going by on Saturday to withdraw our allowance (We get about R$100 every 15 days) and the atm is next to the post office. I´ve got quite a stack to mail out. Sorry, none for the family. I say everything I need in emails, and I wouldn’t mail friends if I could email them, but I can´t, so… I´ll try to write Sam a letter soon though. :P

Our toilet got clogged last week. Write me back if you want details on how it happened and how we unclogged it. I don´t think mom has even had to do what I had to do. I´m scarred for life.

About toiletry items. They have TP and toothpaste and everything here. EXCEPT deodorant. That´s what I'm going to need. They also have repellant and sunscreen and all manner of items.

What else… The language is coming along good. I have a Book of Mormon in Portuguese that I am translating to English by writing the translation beneath the words in the book. I just started a few days ago and have the testimonies, introduction and everything up to about CH 5 in First Nephi. It's super fun to do. If you want to be fluent in any language, read the Book of Mormon in that language.

By the way, its illegal to eat monkey in Brazil.

We are teaching a lot of people now. We try to make about 25 street contacts a week (just men), get 15 new investigators, and get 5 people to sacrament every week. We could have a lot of investigators getting baptized in the next few weeks.  The problem is, a lot of them need to get married. That´s one of the most difficult things here.

I check email in a LAN House, meaning it’s a room with a bunch of computers people can come and pay to use (R$1.00/hour). It´s just down the road from our apartment. I don´t know the address of where we live, but the neighborhood is called ZUMBI 1. We live in an apartment above a small market about a block and a half away from the chapel.

Que mais? It has only rained once since I got here, and it was really light and short. Lots of people are worried because the river is going down and the fish are dying due to the lack of water.

I was very close to having to eat a chicken foot the other day. Thankfully one of the members we were eating with took it instead.

How is the Helaman´s camp coming along?

I´m happy to hear that you got my package. If Sam doesn´t like wearing the underarmour type jersey, put it in a safe place for me. I like that one. OH! I remember now. We found a shop that sells shorts for a really really good price and they are the right size too.

I finally picked my team to support. My team is BOTA FOGO. –(TO LIGHT FIRE) The reason I picked it- Elder Gannon likes them, and they are terrible. Therefore, when we say we like bota fogo all the Brazilians go “What?? Why do you like them? They never win!” and they open up to talk to us and then it's easier to teach.

Anyway, I need to go now. Hope you all have a great week!

Tell Grandma Tenney I love her and that I´m sorry about Grandpa. I´m happy to know I have one more person to help me now.

Happy St. Patricks Day!  (Goofy Kid!  That's our news from Elder 10-e for this week. He sounds great, doesn't he?)