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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week #42: 07 July 2010: 4th Fun


There was a huge power outage in Rio Branco and pretty much all of Acre, and there are a few strikes, including the internet somehow, so I am just now getting to send all of this.

I typed up something earlier before the power outage waiting for the internet to come, but I missed a few things.

4th of July was fun. We sang the national anthem and then ate Snack Packs  (pudding) from the last box. I made banana bread again, too.

Please send Grandma Tenney´s email address and Grandma Martins. I will add them to my address list of distribution so they can get my emails, too.

It is very sad that Sister Thayn passed away. I know for certain that she is in a much better place now. Give my love to the Thayn Family.

This next Sunday is Elder Fox's last Sunday in Acre. WHOA! (Elder Fox is going home with honor this week!)

So basically I am trying to load my pen drive into the computer and it is being very rude. I have a few photos and a word file on it with everything else... I think I may just have to send it next week. Sorry about that. I am starting to hate technology and computers. Nothing ever works right. One day I will find the perfect computer that never pops up with warning messages and problems that say that things don't work. Until then, I think I will just smash up this computer with a sledgehammer.

Did Ty really lose his two front teeth????

Love y'all. I will send my message from this week next week if my pen drive works.

-elder tenney

P.S. Sam, just study PMG how you want to. It's more for missionaries, but basically think of it this way. Chapter one is the first thing you need to know about missionary work- What is your Purpose? 2nd chapter-how you should study 3rd chapter- what you should teach, the lessons and whatnot 4th chapter- having the spirit with you 5- the Book of Mormon (It's that important) 6- what kind of person should you be 7th chapter- speaking to others 8- the paperwork side of the mission 9-get out there and find people 10-How to better teach other people, hints and tips and stuff 11-having people commit to read and go to church and stop drinking and stuff 12-how to have a baptism and confirmation 13-working with the ward leaders. So yeah, that's basically it. If you want to study before the mission, I suggest read through chapters 3,4,5,6.  That's the good stuff. Also, something I did was go through PMG and mark all the scriptures in the 3rd chapter to color code with the lessons 1-5.

Fun fact- I had no idea what the gospel of Jesus Christ was before I left on the mission. I knew the 4th article of faith, but I didn't know that was a lesson we taught. If you had asked me before what I thought the gospel of Jesus Christ was, I would have said,"ummmm... be a good person and don't do bad things? follow the commandments?" so yeah..

love y'all. again.

stupid flash drive.