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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week #43: 14 July 2010: 20th Bday Party

Oi todo mundo!  (Hi everyone)

How are all of you? So, my final day as a teenager, and we did a lot of fun stuff, being p-day and all. Practically the whole zone slept over at the zone leader´s mansion house last night, and a cold front came in so everyone froze last night. Yesterday was Elder Owen´s birthday. I brought one of the boxes of brownie mix with me. I wrote a letter to mom this week that has my thoughts on being 20. I will try to send it soon.

So today we played soccer and basketball at a gymnasium. I was goalie in soccer for a couple rounds. I was rocking it at one point, but, I will not lie, I make a terrible goalie. I'm a worse point guard, though, so yeah.. Later we went to a park that just re-opened last Sunday. We didn't know much about it, but it ended up being a zoo! I didn't bring my camera, but I think I will go back next week or so and get pictures. There were a lot of cool birds and monkeys and stuff.

So, sadly my pendrive burned up or scratched or something, so it's not working anymore. I will try to fix it, but basically that's it. I filled up my memory cards so I am going to burn them to a dvd soon and maybe send that home. Maybe. Still not trusting the postal service all that much.

I gave a talk last Sunday on prayer. It was pretty good. The power was out, so I didn't have to use the microphone so I wasn't as timid.

I did a division last week and the bus broke down when we were going back. After a 30 minute wait, we finally came into Senador and the Military Police pulled over the bus and stormed on with guns and bullet proof vests and stuff. Pretty cool. The people they were going for got off at the stop before.

So, I have 10 months on the mission this Friday!

Last night a sister in the ward threw a small surprise b-day party/going away party for us. It was really cool. Cake and everything!

We have to go do an interview for a baptism soon, so I promise I will try to get in earlier and have more info next week.

Love you all!

Thanks for the bday messages!

(Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday, dear Elder 10-e....Happy Birthday to YOU!  We love you!)

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P. Andersen said...

Oh my goodness!...Military police storming their bus is "pretty cool," huh? I love Elder Tenney!