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Friday, July 23, 2010

Week #44: 21 July 2010 Email: New Companion

Dear Family,

20th Birthday Bananas
15 July 2010

Hi. I´m good. I like beans and rice. I like bananas. I like cow intestines. Ok, just kidding about that last one, but yeah, we still get it sometimes. 

Elder Tenney (back row, 2nd from right) with his district
12 July 2010

Well, I´ll just get to the big news: Transfers again! As Elder Fox left, I was left here to keep the area until the new comp arrives, so yes, I am still in Senador Guiomard, Zona Rio Branco, Acre, Missão Brasil Manaus.

Elder Stanger (ID); Elder Gallacher (AZ); Elder Fox (NV)
(Homeward Bound!)
15 July 2010

Three elders went home this last transfer from our zone. There were also two short time missionaries in our zone last transfer. They don't have this in the US, but basically, the "18-25 haven't served mission worthy young men in the mission" can volunteer to help where needed and become mini-missionaries. Well, not mini-missionaries, they have all the rights of a regular missionary, too, but you know what I mean.

5 July 2010

On my B-day we had a BBQ at a sister's house in Rio Branco. Her name is Anita, and she is an angel to the missionaries. She always makes extremely good food, and likes to joke around. She keeps saying she is 148, but she is only 60 or so, so yeah. She also likes to say, "well, in my Bible it says..." and then goes and makes a funny saying or something. She also gave me a shirt of a soccer team here. Pretty cool beans.

Oh, hey, almost forgot, I have a new comp! But I´m getting to that, so let's see what happened in between bday and today.

Alisson's Baptism
Elder Fox, Alisson, Raian, Elder Tenney
16 July 2010

Day after Bday we had a baptism of a young man named Alisson. He is basically an elect. He had no problems, was already going to seminary, church, has lots of friends at church, etc. He was baptized by one of his friends (Raian).

"Sick Day"
Elders Fox and Tenney
12 July 2010
On Friday, I think it was Friday... both Elder Fox and  I were feeling a little sick. I'm better now, though.

Elder Tenney (3rd row middle) and the Zone
12 July 2010
So, Elder Fox left on Saturday. After that I stayed with Elder Sabino, my Zone leader, who was comps with Elder Stanger. We went back to my area so that I could make sure Alisson got confirmed. (He did.) I also cleaned out the house. After, we went back to the ZL house/mansion and we cleaned that house, too. Basically it was just preparing to start everything over with a fresh clean look.

Before I forget, another cold front came through last week. Saturday night my thermostat showed 9 degrees Celsius. (48 degrees Fahrenheit!) This isn't right. . . It passed now, but there should be another one coming through soon. We borrowed jackets from a member in the ward. I kept nice and toasty warm.

So, basically that was my week. Yesterday our new companions came. My new comp´s name is Elder Trage from Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul. He just came from an area called Grande Vitória. Guess what´s so special: That is the neighbor area to Castanheira, my last area! I showed him pix of all the people I knew back there and he said he saw all of them still going to church. Yeah! Also, he was neighbors with Elder Martins, so I got caught up on all that has been going on since I left. And he has heard a lot about me already from Martins. That´s deep fried awesome.

So that´s my week. Pray for us to find lots of investigators. The area is a little stiff right now. Things are looking up, though.

Happy Elders on Elder Tenney's Happy Birthday:)
15 July 2010
Oh yeah. about turning senior. I forgot who asked me...President Jayme was asked by another missionary what he was lacking to turn senior. Pres. Jayme said, "What do you think, Elder?" the Elder replied, "Well, I could learn the language better and teach better I guess." Pres. Jayme:  "Wrong. The problem is the lack of juniors." So basically, lots of us could turn senior if the Americans would just get their visas and come. 4 areas were closed last transfer because of the lack of greenies. There are a lot of closed areas now. . .

Send chocolate! (Milky Way, Almond Joy, Snickers and all that fun good stuff! Christmas!! For Christmas, not now!)

 Love you all! Eu vós amo! (I love you!) Have a great week! Tenha uma boa semana! (Have a good week!)  Bye! Tchau! Elder Mitchell H. Tenney Élder Mitchell H. Têni