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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week #45: 28 July 2010 Email: What REALLY Hurts?

Dear everybody,

You know what really hurts? Losing two toenails in the same day on different feet. You know what really hurts? Getting bit by a mini cobra in the road. You know what really hurts? Getting that same foot that lost a toenail get run over by a car the next day. You know what really hurts? Not getting any letters from your family and friends. You know what really hurts? Sitting on a wooden stool that breaks under your sudden weight increase over the last year. You know what really hurts? Getting smacked in the face by your companion. You know what really hurts? Stubbing that same toe that got run over by a car AND lost a toenail a couple days ago. You know what really hurts? Trying to climb up a really tall tree and then slip and fall a few meters. You know what really hurts? Getting shocked by the electric shower head when you try to fix it. You know what really hurts? Waking up in the morning to find a bunch of red ants all over you biting and pinching.

These are ten things that really hurt. Thankfully, none of them happened to me! :) (Except the letter one... that really hurts...)

So, yeah, another week down. It was one of the longest weeks of my life, but I´ll just leave it at I got a lot of study time in this last week. I´m in 2 Nephi again and about 1/7 of the way done with Jesus the Christ in Portuguese.

I learned from the scriptures how to tell the difference between a visitor and a thief. I don´t know if it translates, but it's John 10:1.

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet sister who I love so much and loves me to the point where words in a letter can´t describe it, so she doesn´t bother to send them! Hahaha kidding, Ally! I love you a ton! Happy B-day! And yes, I got your last letter.

Wards here are really funny. Situation: One elder in the area for a long time. (Elder Fox for example) and a new guy shows up. Everyone talks with the one that's been there forever. All questions are made to them, every statement. If the new guy wants in on the conversation, has to butt in. Old guy leaves after a while, newer guy stays, after having a few months in the area. Suddenly the newer guy is the old one, and the one that just arrived is shunned. Everyone is asking me questions now, like where we are going next, to read in the Gospel Principles class, whereas not a single question is made to my comp except the hi get to know you where are you from questions. It's just so weird...

Funny thing: Brazil is already advertising for the 2014 World Cup. The moment they lost, it was all 2014 in Brazil. So sad...

We had lunch with another family on Monday. The sister is running for some political office, and I learned that this ward is full of Communists! I think I am going to die. I just want to take all their little red flags with sickle and hammer stuff and burn it, but being a messenger of the Lord, I am learning to forgive and forget.

So, yeah, basically that was our week. We went to a farm of a member in a different ward with the zone today. That was pretty fun. We caught a chicken, killed it and cleaned it and ate it. The only sad part was it's death. They strung it up, one held the wings, and another held the head out. We kept saying just cut the head off, but the elder with the machete just started doing a sawing motion to cut the head. Poor thing had a long and painful death until another elder grabbed the machete and whacked it off.

We also had cow meat to grill, so that was good.

I´m thinking about sending the chicken pictures. Anyone who has a weak stomach don´t look. ;)

Love you all!

Elder Tenney
25 July 2010
Elder Fox's Homecoming Talk in Las Vegas, NV
Elder Tenney's brother and parents
 with Elder Tenney's last companion, Elder Trevor Fox

PS- That's so awesome that you got to see Elder Fox! Sweet sassy boto! (boto = dolphin)

Hahaha, yeah, it was just a slow week because we aren't doing much teaching. I was joking about the letters, too. I got like 7 of them last week and I will probably get more on Monday.