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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week #47: Early P-Day!

(We were so happy to hear from Elder Tenney a day early this week!  He sent us this quick email to let us know why, then the longer email with his news)

Hey! We have zone conference and interviews this week, so p-day is today instead of tomorrow! WRITE QUICK!

Hey Família!
So this last week was pretty good. The work is steadily increasing. We have been doing lots of service projects lately, and my hands are covered in blisters and callouses and what-not. There´s your proof. So, anyways, we have been teaching a guy named Rolfe. Don´t know if I told you about him, but he is wanting to marry the bishop's daughter and get baptized. He has about 26 years or so. We made a goal with him to stop smoking by the end of the month, but it seems that as he takes away cigarettes, he drinks more. NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........................................

So yeah.

We are also having a meeting with the ward every Thursday. I call it ROMA. Reunião da Obra Missionária na Ala. Ward Missionary Work Meeting. WMWM? It's more of a correlation meeting. The ward members are getting more excited about missionary work after every meeting. Pretty cool stuff.

We are also teaching a girl with 12 years. Her name is Raiara and she is a little sister of one of the few returned missionaries in the ward. She wants to get baptized now, so we went and taught basically every day and she is already ready to get baptized this week. Yay! We are also finding some other people who are in a similar position of wanting to get baptized. Hopefully they all can be as easy as teaching Raiara, who had no problem with any of the commandments, and is already paying tithing because her brother taught her. Whoa...

How was Father´s Day out in Sunny Saint George? It was a little cold here the last week, but the cold front already passed and it hits about 80 by 7:30 ish or so now. Warming up again.  (We aren't sure why he thinks Father's Day was last week...:)

It was Sister Jayme´s birthday yesterday, and the whole mission sent in an email to the assistants to make a giant bday card for her with a message from all of us. Hope she likes it. She is awesome +1 billion awesome points. President Jayme, too, but his birthday isn't until after Christmas, so I´ll wait to give him the awesome points later.

I got a few letters the other day. Basically everything from July 27 and before. Pretty fast. After tomorrow, I won't get anything until September, so... yeah...

That´s about it this week. I´ll put a Christmas wish list to let you know what I'm wanting from Santa Claus and all that fun stuff.

Com amor,
Elder Tenney

Christmas Wish List-
Lanyard(sp?) of BYU
Journal Refill with cover
Real American Toothpaste giant tube
2G Memory Card
A Giant American Flag
Black Socks - 5 pairs
BYU Course Catalog 2011