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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week #49: Pit Bull

Hey everyone!

So, this week was another normal week. Taught a bit, walked a bit, ate a lot of ramen noodles, drank lots of water, that sort of stuff. This transfer has gone by extremely fast. I don't know why. It feels like Elder Fox was just here. As of a few days ago, I think Elder Seastrand has also arrived home to get off to college. This means that half of my companions are already home. Weird stuff. I think I have Seastrand's address in a planner I left in Manaus, so I don´t know where he is. Just Holladay, Utah. That's as much as I can remember.

Transfers are next week. We get the phone call this Saturday about if anything happens. I have mixed emotions about this one. I want to stay here because the ward members are super awesome most of the time and it's a fun area, no rain, flat, etc. But there are no people here. I want to go back to Manaus to get back in the middle of things and be surrounded by people to work with.

Seems like Livy and Ike are growing up fast. I don´t even know the little booger and he is already standing up! Has he seriously not cried once since he was born? I haven't heard of a single time that he has cried yet.

So, big story of the week. We were leaving the house of a member the other night and there were a bunch of little kids playing in the street. This guy comes up the road walking his dog. Pit Bull. It had a mask on so it couldn't bite or anything. He goes walking past the member's house, then he gets to the next house. Three dogs come running out to bark at the pit bull. The owner tries a little to pull the bull back, but then when he pulls it back, he takes the mask off the dog. The pit bull grabbed one of the other dogs by the neck and shook it like a rag doll. After a couple minutes of this, the owner kicks the little dog out of the mouth of the pb and then puts the mask back on and starts talking about how the little dogs were attacking him and he kept walking away. One of the young men in the ward called the police and the police car went by a few minutes later to go get the guy. Don't know if they got him.

Hope you are all doing awesome! Love you all tons!

-Elder Tenney

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P. Andersen said...

Okay, not lovin' the pit bull...but I was holding my breath hoping he wouldn't tell us the dog went after the children...or him! whew. :) Hope the work picks up.