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Friday, August 06, 2010

Week #46: Aug 4 Email: Service & Zoo

Hey everybody!
So, this week was a really awesome week! We didn't have very much stuff marked to do, so we dedicated a lot of time to service projects at our neighbor's house who is a member, Irmão Costa. Last Saturday, we helped him rip out part of his fence to put in a new gate. Yesterday, we helped clean out the back yard and fix the gate up and stuff. I cut down a tree with a machete yesterday! It was so awesome! I have a giant blister at the bottom of my right thumb, but other than that, it was super awesome! 

Rio Branco - Flag of Acre
02 August 2010

Also, another ward member´s daughter was in an accident, and we went on Monday to go donate blood at the Hemoacre (that´s the name of the place in Rio Branco) for her. It was pretty cool. I didn´t think I would ever donate blood here on the mission. Sadly, on Tuesday, the member's daughter died. We are going to go visit there later. I think we are going to start teaching the brothers, too.
Chico Mendes
04 August 2010

Chico Mendes - 04 August 2010
We got up nice and early this morning to go back to the Zoo: Chico Mendes. This time I brought my camera. Right now, I am actually making a DVD of all my photos because my memory cards are full up. I am going to delete one of them. I am making two copies of the DVD, and will send one home one of these days. I seem to be missing a few photos that I think were only on my pen drive that died.

We are teaching a guy named Rolfe right now. He wants to marry the bishop´s daughter and get baptized. Only problem is that he has a few commandment problems. The biggest one is the cigarettes. He smokes 2-3 packs a day. 20 cigs a pack. We put him on a goal of 40 today, then take 2 away each day until 0. Should stop smoking in about 3 weeks on this schedule. Pray for him.

27 July 2010

We are starting to get some references these days. The members see us doing the service projects and we bug them to death for references, so it's starting to pick up. Pray for us.

"Do I have enough stamps?"
25 July 2010

Hope you are all doing well! Happy Father´s Day this Sunday! I am a bit sad that we can´t call home for this one. Oh, well... Coming up on 10.5 months already! Going by way too fast now.

Love you all!

PS- DVD burn a success! Coming soon, photos from CTM-7th transfer, and yes, I organized it a bit.