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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Phone Call :P

We had a great 73 minute phone call with Elder Tenney on Christmas morning about 11:15.  It took awhile to get through to him, so when we did it was amidst tears of joy and relief when we heard his voice!  The missionary work is going very well - today he was to have a baptism, so he was very excited about that as well as all the wonderful teaching opportunities he is having.  He is just as funny and full of good humor as always and declared himself to be as healthy as can be and just completely happy with his missionary life as we could possibly ask for. 

There is no feeling like having your extended family gathered around you during the holiday season and sharing time talking to a missionary son or daughter in the field far from home.  It is a sacrifice not only for that missionary but for parents and family and friends who love and miss that missionary beyond words to have him gone from your midst, for so long.   

Some reading this may wonder why we do it...why does the missionary do this?  Because we love our Saviour Jesus Christ and want to share His gospel message with the world.  Our Father in Heaven sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for us....the least we can do is sacrifice our time and means and yes...even 2 years of time apart from our loved ones,  for Him to help the world to know of His love for us and His plan of Salvation which allows us the opportunity to return again to live with Him someday in eternal families forever.  Never to be separated again....

Merry Christmas!  Thanks for all of your love and support of our family and Elder Tenney this past year!

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Marty and Louise said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing this. We love you guys.