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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Week #63: It's Another Week in the Neighborhood

So, this last week was a blast. I was a little sick for a couple days. Let´s just say I got in on the wrong end of a bad milk product. If you want to know what the symptoms are for that, you can look it up. I ain´t describing it. But I wasn´t going very well and I had huge stomach pains. Thankfully it has all passed now. Milk here is weird. It´s good for one year after making it because they do a radiation treatment to it. It tastes like... like... radiated milk! There just isn´t any way to describe it.

I have been sleeping on the small couch we have in our apartment the past few nights. If I sleep with the mattress on the ground, ants bite me all night long and it is terrible. So, I put the mattress on the couch with some chairs on the side for support. It´s a little lumpy, but I am getting lots of good rest now. First time that I have slept straight through the night in 13 weeks. It was amazing! We went out this morning to get a bed from a different house in our district, but when we got there the other elders had left, so I´m just going to be a trooper and stay with the couch for another week. It´s not that bad actually.

Zone conference is this next Monday. I´m looking forward to it. I hope I get a package and letters and whatnot at this one. Also, I will see Elder Poulton! Yay! I heard he stayed with Elder Koehler. Elder Koehler has been in that area for about 9-10 months now. Poor guy...

We met a Polish guy last night! It was really weird. He stopped us in the road as we were on our way home. He just flat up asked- How do you guys get paid- and we had that nice little chat of how we pay our mission and not get paid. He came to Manaus 10 years ago as a Catholic missionary but became doubtful of his religion and just decided to live here now. He had a strange accent. Really crisp with the words.

We had another baptism this Sunday of a young woman named Debora. I was teaching her sister a long time ago with Elder Martins before I left the area. (That other sister was baptized after I left.) The other day I remembered a family that I had taught when I was with Elder Gannon a year ago and decided to go there. We now have 5 people marked to be baptized on December 12! There are a lot of people in the house, too! Gold Mine! What's more, they are already married! I love blessings.

All in all, it´s a great week. I forgot it was Thanksgiving, but yeah. I was a little sad yesterday when I remembered that it was a year ago that Grandpa passed away, but I know that me and him are doing the same stuff, just in different places.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Tenney

PS- I got a haircut today. I had the lady cut it super super short, so that I could see where my hairline is. I´m not as bald as I thought! Yay!

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