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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week #66: Phone Plans & Mission Christmas Conference

All right, this might be the most difficult phone call of the mission so far. We are going to try calling from a member´s house. Her name is ** and she is 70+ and a little crazy. She is a recent convert, too. We are going to be there in the afternoon. How it is going to work is I might have to call from her phone to home and then hang up so you know I am there and ready for you to call back. I am going to be there between 2-2:30 my time, that means 11-11:30 your time I believe. I am including her number just in case. I am a little worried because she said her phone is a little weird, so we might have to go to a different place or borrow a cell phone or something if her´s doesn´t work, but she is one of the few people with a land line. Please someone get online soon and send me the US code and everything down to the area and number I should call. What I am planning on is ***.  Correct me if I am wrong. Or tell me the number to dad´s office if you will call from there. Please invite Grandma T. to be there when I call! I would love to talk to her. If Grandma M. and Cecil are there visiting I would love to talk to them, too!

Sorry I am writing so late, we had our mission Christmas conference today and it ended at 6:30 and we took the bus for 2 hours to get back and we came straight to the lan house to send off the stuff. I got the big box! Haven´t opened it yet... I will send pix next week!  {Yea!  We have missed getting Elder Tenney's pictures since his memory card reader broke several weeks ago).

The wedding we were planning probably will fall next week. Neto´s birth certificate is all hashed up so the gov. place that does weddings isn't accepting it and he will have to go to Parintins way far away to get a new one, but he doesn't have any money to do that kind of trip, so they may have to save up for a few months or so...

For conference we went to the Manaus temple {The temple isn't completed yet, but will be by next fall} and had a testimony meeting and then we did a talent show and then we went to a place called Gaucho´s which is like Made In Brazil and then we watched a movie called Defying the Giants which is like a Bible movie/motivation movie. It was really cool to link the stuff in it to missionary work and the mission.

{Instructions for our phone call with the number he gave us follow} Just say "Elder Tenney está?" over and over. She won´t understand you. This number does not have the country code. *** is the state code I think. The last 8 numbers are her house number. Good luck and Love you all!

Merry Christmas!

I love you all! Talk to you this Saturday!

-Elder Mitchell H. Tenney


Marty and Louise said...

Great to hear from you. Keep up the great work & Merry Christmas from all the Nygaards!

J Stone said...

Have fun talking to Mitch on Saturday!! :)