September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week #82: Porto Velho - Old Port

Well, it´s another week down. We have been doing a lot of walking recently. We got a golden reference the other day. A man named Mario and his wife Auxiliadora went inactive a few years ago. They up and decided to come back to church this Sunday. Thing is, their two children were not baptized as they were inactive. Now they are 13 and 14 and have a desire, so we may have a couple more baptisms here in a week or two. One of our good investigators, Edisom, asked us to stop coming by. He read, prayed, is still reading the Book of Mormon and praying, but he couldn´t handle the pressure of all the other people from other churches bugging him so he asked us to stop coming by so his head can get a rest. This wasn´t the first time he asked, but last time we helped him, but after another week of non-stop opposition, he gave in. It was really sad to see it happen, but I know one day in the hopefully near future he will come to see the light. We have a woman named Taiane who is set to be baptized along with another woman on May 7. Taiane is preparing to get married, too, so hopefully we´ll have a bit of a party here in the near future. Interviews with President Jayme are this Friday. If I have all my information straight, this will be my final interview with President Jayme before he leaves. I am truly going to miss him. I am so grateful for the influence he has made in my life through his example. We started to look for a new house the other day, as our house has flooded 2 times since last week due to heavy rainstorms. My bed was a small sailboat in our room, so... yeah, time to upgrade. I am super excited for the conference magazine to come out soon! Conference was filled with so many goodies! Love you all and hope you are all doing just fantastic!

com abraço,

elder tenney

ps- Mother's day call - 8th of May, (Sunday) - 45 minutes, still finding phone, probably bishop's office phone again, new rule from pres - only immediate family members and mom gets the most talking time. Love y'all!

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